Wordpress Permalink setup

Permalink setup is one thing that always help you to get rank in search engines and also help your visitors to easily get your blog post and promote it efficiently. But being new to blogging, many blogger either does not know about Permalink or doesn’t know how to setup Permalink to get ranked for most search in Search Engines. Let me help you out for this.


Permalink or permanent link of any blog is bit different or you may say a little addition to the orignal blog URL. Whenever a new bog-post has been added to a blog a new Permalink automatically gets created. You can visit any specific Permalink just by clicking on the heading title of the blog post. The Permalink is the specific URL of any post present in the blog.

Why is Permalink required?

Suppose you are visiting my blog , so you will get land on the home page of the blog with ever changing contents there. That’s why you will be unable to get or locate the content you have read there just few days ago (say 30 days ago). So, what’s the solution for that? Its easy, you will either use archive to find it out or you have to remember the Permalink and type it in the address box to visit that post entry. This is why we need Permalink.

Permalink setup in WordPress.com

You can setup the Permalink easily with little or no efforts in wordpress. The all you have to do is to go to Settings – > Permalink. Now choose the Custom Structure option from the available options there.

1. In the text box just enter “/postname”. This will make your Permalink looks like www.yourblogname.com/post-title

2. You can also setup the blog Permalink to “/category/postname”. This will make your blog Permalink url looks like www.yourblogname.com/category/post-title .

The second option will perform better for the search engines and also helps the visitors to search the related topics on your blog from any specific category.

How does Permalink setup helps the visitors and search engine ranking?

The default Permalink for WordPress blogs always ends up with home url followed by a combination of special characters and numbers. It looks something like this www.yourblogname.com/?315.

1. Now this is the thing that you are expecting your blog visitors to remember when they re-visit that specific blog-post on your blog. But the URL itself seems less logical for us to get remember. Instead its better option to help your readers to let them remember the Permalink by the title name of the post or its more better to help them remember category name followed by title of the post. This way they can remember and promote your blog posts Permalink easily and correctly.

2. By doing WordPress Permalink setup, you are allowing search engines to index your blog posts by your post URL too. This will help the Search engines to setup more relevancy of your Permalink with the visitor search. So, this increases the chances of your blog posts to get index for some related search.