Blogging is like dating

Successful blogging is just like a successful dating. If you ever have dated, then you can find very much similarity among them.Though I am not saying that you should have to date to be a successful blogger but you should atleast learn the basics to blog successfully.

Why blogging is like dating?

When you prepare yourself for a date, you take care of some important aspects of dating to make it successful and while dating you take care to make the most to guarantee for next dating. The very much same goes for blogging. While blogging you have to take care of every minute things about blogging to make it successful and not to mention you have to take care of everything to guarantee that your visitors would revisit your blog again and again.

8 similarities between blogging and dating.

1. Leave impact on first impression while dating or blogging.

While dating you should take care of every possible things to make your first impression very impressive upon whom you are dating with. So, you are well groomed, nice physical appearance, well and presentable dressed. This same is true while you are blogging. You will never get a second chance to proof yourself among the huge over growing crowd of websites and blog. The all you need is to do is make your blog presentable which can leave impact on your visitor’s mind in first impression. This includes your designing of blog, the URL, the title, the blog header, the blog topic categories, easy navigation throughout the blog. All these should be so designed that it would have the ability to create an impression of worth revisiting on this blog.

2. Never pretend someone that you aren’t.

Dating in disguise may help you to go a little way to the heart of your dating partner but it will not work in long run. While dating if you are pretending to be someone that you aren’t, then be sure that you are soon going to get found out. Similarly, it is expected to do blogging about the niche that you are passionate about. This will help you to give best blog contents to the online community with freshness is some new presentable way that has never been presented before. But imitating someone while blogging will only help you to get revealed soon by your visitors as your blog contents will go boring without any enthusiastic words to worth reading.

3. Finding perfect dating partner and ideal niche for your blog needs time.

Unfortunately while most of us are on our first date, the evening never guarantees us to have that dating partner as our ideal life partner. But we never leave up searching the ideal one with our first bitter experience, rather our failure helps us to gather experience that lead us in our future selection process. Similarly, the chances are almost equal to zero that you will get success with your first blog in first attemp. May be you end up with selection of wrong niche, mistakes in designing, promotion strategies etc. So, with these failures it never makes a sense to quit up blogging. The best part of your every failure is that you have already learned about “what makes your last blog a failure despite of your effort? “ So, the all you need is to learn from your bitter experience of your blogging failure and do the needful to make it success. Who knows that your new blog will take your blogging career to the new height of success, never achieved before by anyone.

4. Bad reputation will let full- stop your dating and blogging career.

Your social activity always have a great impact upon your dating life. You would never expect that your bad reputation within the society will get flash before your dating partner. If this happens the only result will be failure in setting up the new relationship. Its very tough to get rid of the shadow of your past on present & future life or it will take several years after you have already changed your character to prove yourself. Blogging world also bears the same truth. It is very easy to earn bad reputation online simply by entering rude comment to some other’s blog. Remember that whenever you are publishing something to online, it goes public over the globe and can effect your reputation. So, be selective and perfect and conscious about your reputation while publishing anything online. A good reputation will help your blog to achieve success much faster than your expectation.

5. Improve your communication skill for date and blogging.

Having a pretty face doesn’t ensure that your partner would get interest in you. Rather your dating partner assumes you as the most boring person of the world and the dating evening would soon turn into a short dating evening. You should improve your communication skill with society around you and learn how to share your interest with others and how to know other’s likes and dislikes. This will help you to communicate your feelings to your dating partner and vice-versa. Blogging is not only the process of uploading the informations in a blog and leave the rest upon Search Engines. Blogging is the medium you have chosen to share your views with the like minded people. It makes a perfect sense that those like minded people also has something to say about your blogging niche. They would like to communicate with you through your blog comment or other related community. So, as a blogger its your responsibility to satisfy those readers by communicating your views by replying to their comments and through your blogging community.

6. Trace out the commons in your dating partner and blog visitors.

Gone are those days when people used to believe on opposite attraction. But mind-setup of people has got changed now. People are more interested in sharing their interest and spending life with people having common in them. The best way to catch interest of your dating partner is to find what you have common with your partner. This way also helps your partner to take interest in you and thus is becomes easy to share the feelings and come closer as days pass. While blogging, the most essential thing is to understand your readers well. This will increase readership as the readers will get what they expect from your blog. If you are not blogging about what your targeted readers are expecting then very soon you will get the result on your blog as being abandoned .

7. Try dating with one and have one blog.

Some people are always found to date with more than one partner. This may seems playful in short run but will never provide you the benefits of unconditional love and devotion. Multiple relationship will not help you to get emotional satisfaction, social and financial security. This type of relations often ends up with unappetizing relationship with long list future problems. The blogging has not get spared of this rule. Many people are found to have unstable blogging career. They mostly do blogging for money and setup several blogs with different niches. They mostly found to end-up blogging in frustration as no one of those blog had made them satisfied money. It makes a perfect sense of why they are not being able to make money from blogging? Blogging on any niche needs most effort and time to setup credibility and readership with constant updated matters on it. But when you are dealing with large number of blogs, either you end up with exhausted content soon and the concentration too gets diverted to all of them which reduces the quality of the blogging that people would hardly like to read. So, start blogging with a single blog on a single niche, establish readership. Then proceed to create other blogs on same niche to attract readers.

8. Be self-confident while dating or blogging.

Though every one dislikes arrogance but suffering with lower self esteem is also not expected while dating. The healthy self confidence is really appealing on first date. The person involved in dating should have self confidence about own life-style, own quality and about self views. The blogging career can achieve success only when you have self confidence on what you are blogging about. The content published with self-confidence often reflects itself in it. The readers always like to read these articles as authors with expertise on a topic have the ability to present the broader view on that.

At the end I would advice you to learn to love your blog, it will help you to know about the unique qualities of your blog and help you offering your readers the more from it.