Quality content for blog Vs print media

Quality content writing for blog on web is bit different experience from writing for print media. Often the quality content writers from print media complains to found repetitive words on the web which sounds annoying to them. But this repetition of certain words on the blog or web is what we called keywords are very essential for SEO or search engine optimization.

Why quality content writing for blog is different from print media?

While writing quality content for blogs or website, the content writer has to take care of getting rank in search engine to reach their article to maximum visitor for most of keyword search. The search engines on the other hand rely upon density of keyword used in the content as one of the factors determining the relevancy of the content with the searched keyword or keyword phrases. So, the repetition of keyword becomes necessary while writing for blog or http://www.livejasmin.cc websites.

The print media does not depends upon the keyword repetition for gathering popularity, they instead use different publishing strategies to attract their readers which includes better cover-page photography, attractive interesting articles along with quality content.

How much keyword repetition is necessary on the web?

Though keyword frequency to increase keyword density is necessary for SEO but some bloggers or amature SEO masters overdo with the frequency of appearance of keywords on the same page. Since keyword density is one of the essential tool os SEO, so abusing it will definitely let you in trouble as search engines do penalize your site either by decreasing search engine ranking of your website / blogs or by not bann it for keyword stuffing or spamming. So, it is a wise decision to keep restrict your keywords on a single page max. upto three and the density should be limited between 3% to 5%. Though this is never a written rule but a general trend followed by successful bloggers and webmasters.

Where to Blog?

Blogger or Blogspot, WordPress, Livejournal, Myspace, Today.com etc are few among lots of blogging platform where you can Blog. But hold on your temptation a little before you start blogging. Though there are lots of place to start free or paid Blogging each having their own benefit yet it is very tough to decide a correct blogging platform that works for you. The right blogging platform that works for you depends upon your motivation behind start blogging.

This article will help you in detail about how to select the correct blogging platform for you along with the reasons behind it. The first thing you have to do is to decide yourself, "What is the purpose of your http://www.jasminlive.mobi blog? or What motivates you to start Blogging? "

This decision will help you to make a clear mind set about whether you are looking for free blog or like to earn extra cash from your blogging skill or you have decided to be a professional blogger on a website. Possibilities are there that you would like to share your views with the rest of like minded people of the world or trying to vent and blow off some fuss. You may be interested about spreading your business online or write a review about a product you are using or about the movie you just watched. So, there are endless possibilities about why you are going to start blogging. So, these are some basic questions that you should answer yourself before starting blogging.

Blog websites are basically divided into 3 main types. Free Blog, Paid Blog, Get Paid for Blogging. Here are some websites where you can start blogging based on what fits you. This list is not complete as available options are endless with ever increasing blogging services. This list barely scratches the surface of available options as they are a few of most popular blogging services.

Blogger or Blogspot – This is one of the free Blogging platform by Google. It is either known as Blogger or Blogspot. Blogger.com is recommended blog for all types of bloggers. The best thing for using this service is that is FREE and needs no web designing knowledge. It is easy to setup and takes 5 minute and domains are available with ".blogspot.com" as extension. It has also has template library available for selection. There are lots of gadgets available to use here. The best thing associated with Blogger.com is that you can earn money by using this blogging service as it can be integrated with Google Adsense. You can also add your own Chitika, Kontera ads, Yahoo Publisher Networking Ads, Infolink ads to start your earning from your own blog. So, its free, its easy, no need of any technical knowledge and you can earn from it. So, the all you need is having a Gmail account and start blogging with Blogger.com

MySpace.com – Blogging on MySpace.com is really a great experience as it is free and the best thing about it is that the blogging is integrated seamlessly with your profile there. This platform serves a great way to share your blogs with your friends, family and co-worker. They can subscribe to your blog to get instant notification about your blog whenever you update your blog. A little HTML knowledge will help you to do better on this platform.

Livejournal – This is another most popular blogging service having both free and paid categories. It is more or less similar to MySpace. You can also get some readymade templates by various LJ communities to use for free.

WordPress.com - Those who demands little more customizable blogging feature should go for WordPress. There are lots of pluggins, lots of templates to pick for your blog. Even you can make modifications in those available templates. Despite of its advance customization option,Wordpress is still free to use and offers great level of support for any problem with your blogs. Its popularity among all is due to its optimized characteristic. As per my view, I have noticed that the wordpress blog itself has been so much optimization at its source code that even a new blog gets noticed by Google within 24 hrs. of creating a new blog with even a single post on it without any promotion or submission in Google or other directories, which otherwise takes months to get in notice of Google. Those who are comfortable with HTML, PHP language and interested in purchasing personal domain and host blog in own server can enjoy even more. You can also add your own Adsense code, Chitika, Kontera ads, Yahoo Publisher Networking Ads, Infolink ads to start your earning from your own blog. WordPress.org offers the same great blogging system and software absolutely free for this which often gets released with its newer upgraded version for making blogging a better experience for them.

There are lots more in the free blogging list some of which also provides upgrade option facilities to get even more customized features of blogging. Some are mentioned here. TypePad.com, Blog.com, Blogster.com etc.

Get Paid for Blogging

There is another interesting aspect about blogging is that you can earn from blogging in various ways. Apart from Google Adsense, Chitika, Kontera ads, Yahoo Publisher Networking Ads, Infolinks etc advertising solutions you can also earn directly by posting your blogs on some blog websites. Yes there are many websites which helps you to avoid the long waiting till Google Adsense or other advertisement services starts generating earning for you, instead you can just start posting on these blog websites based on their terms and start making money for you. I have presented below the list of some Get paid for Blogging websites.

Today.com – This is a Get paid for blogging website, where you can earn money based on the number of words used, number of unique page views, referral blog earning. So, this may be an easy way to make money if you have ability of developing free sex chat quality in your blogs.

Getpaidfrom.us – This blogging service use to pay their bloggers 50% share of their Adsense earning from your blogpost every month irrespective of whatever the payout amount is. This helps you to get rid of long 6 month waiting of New Adsense account creation and waiting till the amount collected in your account reaches $100 for payout.

Orble.com – This is another get paid for blogging service which pays to 50% from their Adsense commission generated from your blog along with 10% for referring others to orble.com . So, this way you will get a chance of earning a bit more.

So, the above mentioned blogging websites are only a popular small list from what you will get online when you have decided what you are blogging for. So, just start blogging.

Keyword research for Blog SEO

Keyword research and other SEO for your blog should be done right from the time you are planning to start a blog or website. Though Google is not very much depended upon keyword density nowadays for ranking your blogs but it will help you while considering many other factors of SEO and proper online promotion and revenue generation.

Since you are trying to share your talent, voice, videos, pictures, views, informations through blogging on internet so your main target is not only to publish a blog on a certain topic but you would more likely try to reach the maximum possible readers searching for that very topic over the net. So, the next thing that you should know is that what keywords related to your niche the visitors are searching for, so that by targeting those keywords for research you can attract more traffic towards your blog. In this topic, we will concentrate on keyword issues.

Keywords research tips.

Selecting keywords – Deciding your targeted keyword needs you to have a clear conception about your niche. You should have good guessing power to guess the all probable keywords or key phrases that readers may use to search the topics related to your niche. If you are not able to guess yourself, then you should take help of various keyword analysis tools available online to guess the keywords or keyword phrases for you.

Free keyword research tools – There are many types of keyword research tools available online. Some of them are free, few others are paid service. But I still prefer to use Google Keyword Tool, not because it is free but because it is most reliable of all and provides you max. suggestions in compare to others in over 50 different languages. But it also has its downside that those keyword which does not meet Google’s search volume criteria will never get listed in the database. There are many other reliable services, few of which are listed here – Word tracker, Keyword discovery, Yahoo Search Marketing, SEO Book Keyword research tool.

Understanding about the traffic source – It is very important to trace out the source of potential visitors on your site. This will also help you to do keyword research. Few studies by many top websites have revealed that the traffic to a website comes from different sources at different percentages. Search Engines -67.36%, Referring sites -28.56%, Direct traffic -4.07%, Other – >0.00%. So, the Search Engines sends most traffic to any website. A further research revealed that Google itself sends about 90% among all search engine traffic. Thus for getting most traffic, you should study how Google search engine works on keywords. This would help you to get at the top of most of your targeted keyword for visitor’s search on Google and other SE.

How to do keyword research?

Though keyword research is not based on any specific formula but there are some strategies for doing research on keywords that has been described below. Perhaps, the keyword research will get fine tune with one’s experience through years of keyword research practice. As www is very dynamic world with the superior pattern of achieving success often undergoes changes, so you have to just keep up with the changing trend and the same applies to the keyword research too. But you may start up with the under mentioned strategies. We would proceed with Google tool to do the keyword research.

1. Do basic keyword research – Enter the basic keyword in the Google keyword tool and search out the monthly search volume for that keyword by setting the search for all countries and territories. For example – Let me search a popular keyword "medical information" the monthly search volume may show an expected high result say – 250,098,850,48 . Though this result may tempt you to optimize your own blog, but it is too early for your new blog to do optimization for this keyword. Because you would face stiff competition for this prime keyword already used by millions of bloggers. But don’t get frustrated, you would have optimize for this keyword few time later when your blogs or websites would start ranking in Google for some other less competitive keywords.

2. Do less competitive keyword search – The less competitive keyword research is what you should do at the initial stage of blogging. For example you would like to search for the term "medical information about heart" this will help your blog to perform better with less stiff competition for this keyword. The competition is less on this keyword because it contains more than two words, but I swear that if you would go for this keyword, you would get a better advantage with much less competition and soon your blog will start ranking on Google. The reason for extra advantage being that it contains of two keywords "medical information" and "heart". Now the advantage is that people often uses phrase to search any thing on net. So, chances are that they may hit the same phrase or individual keywords for which your blog will start indexing. Of course the keyword in phrase will work best in compare to other keywords.

3. Try synonymous keywords and different keywords in phrase – You should also try using synonymous keywords to most popular keywords targeting your niche. Nowadays Search Engines are smart enough to understand the use of synonymous keywords in the content and present them as most relevant search for any keyword. If you are worrying about less visitors for such keywords then I must say that you are geo-targeting the whole world where even 10,000 visitors per day from across the world is more than enough for a one to two month old new blog.

So, the all you need to do is to constantly keep on increasing your skill about guessing keyword for your blog to rank for them. The skill will get polished with your active involvement in keyword research throughout your blogging career.

8 Characteristic of a Successful blogger

Becoming a successful Blogger is something that every Blogger dreams about. Internet records about few millions of new blogs submission globally everyday . But the amazing fact is that the percentage of successful Blogger only few about 10% – 15%. This little percentage is really shocking looking at the huge percentage of daily emerging bloggers. So, what the others have missed which lead them towards failure in compare to those bloggers who have achieved success. In this post I have discussed about few of the characteristics which few bloggers have in them which makes them successful in their blogging career.

Characteristics of a successful blogger:

1. Bloggers need to be proactive.

A successful Blogger always seems to remain proactive. Pro-activeness is the best learning tool of every living being. For example you can have several ideas developing in your mind to be a successful Blogger but you can’t guarantee that all the ideas have equal ability to take you to success. You can’t even imagine that the idea which you were thinking as best way to achieve success can even turns into biggest flop and that which you have ignored may turns into greatest hit. Without implementing anything you can only guess about something but never guarantee anything. So be proactive as a Blogger. don’t ignore anything as your blog content, blog design, promotion strategy only because you have heard from someone that this does not work. May be it would be perfect for your blog career.

2. Friendship quality to develop Bloggers Community.

A successful blogger always has a friendship quality within them. They think a different way about other bloggers in their own niche. They never consider them as their own competitor rather they praise each other’s quality content and never forget to refer or mention about each other’s blog in their own site. They use to suggest each other for better development strategies, developing blogging qualities, exchanging quality back links. They use to comment on each other’s blog thus get benefited from each other’s online traffic to visit their own blogs too.

3. Unique style of presentation.

A successful Blogger has unique style of serving everything to the world. They never use to copy or any plagiarism strategies to present views over any topic. This is very important among all other Blogging etiquettes. Be orignal, be informative and be accurate and true about the information you are sharing with the world. This serves the purpose in atleast two ways. First of all, it reflects your hold on the topic that you are writing about. So, your readers start trusting your blog as they have not read the same article anywhere on the web, so they will start coming back to your blog again and again for new content. They may even share your queries in your mail box and will wait for reply from you. So, you should have enough hold on your niche to reply your reader’s queries. By being orignal, I don’t mean that the matter over same topic should not be re-written. Instead by being orignal, I meant that though you are writing about something written before you should express your own experience or personal views over it rather than just copying the matter from here and there and paste it in your blog or just making some changes here and there in the orignal content being copied from somewhere and republish it as your own content. Secondly this unique style of presentation helps making the web a better place for varied informations from different point of views being published by different authors from their personal experience instead of making web a place for just repeated contents.

4. Consistency in posting contents

Blog is more or less like any news magazine. The consistency of new matters being added is just like supply of fresh oxygen to a blog to keep it living otherwise soon the blog will feel shortage of fresh oxygen and die of suffocation. There is a simple reason behind this activity. Suppose you have purchased a news magazine today and completed reading it. Soon you will expect the release of new informations or articles from the publisher of the magazine. If the publisher being unable to fulfill the readers demand, the readers will soon switch over to other magazine. That’s being the logic. So, the successful bloggers use to post new matters consistently. Many professional bloggers use to post even several times a day to fulfill the reader’s demand.

5. Posting content is as per reader’s demand.

The most important characteristic of any successful Blogger is that they use to publish new contents keeping in mind what readers want to read instead of what they themselves want their readers to read. This increases the readership of their blog. The readers on the other hand get more and more attached to such blogs as they find the solutions of the problems they are facing in those blogs. The impact is not only restricted to their own readership but they use to refer their friends and family to those blogs they trusted most. The readers of these blogs also post comments and mail to their publishers what they want more. This not only increases the interactivity between the publishers and their readers but the help the publishers to have their next topic to write upon. Thus they never get rid of topics to write about unlike unsuccessful Bloggers.

6. Developing relation with their blog readers.

The successful bloggers never forget their blog readers and always try to develop relationship with their readers who use to comment on the blogs. The successful blogger always either reply to their comments on the same blog or send personal mail to their reply their comments by thanking them. The readers thus develop a relationship with the author of the blog and this helps the blog author to make his blog popular.

7. Ready for getting change .

A successful Blogger never turn around when it comes for change to get better. A successful blogger always bent on providing better quality content to their readers. Since online is a dynamic world so a successful blogger have an eye always kept on future aspect of the niche development and always makes necessary changes required for keep the blog update and most relevant.

8. Learning from own mistakes.

One of the greatest characteristic any successful Blogger have is that they are always ready to learn from their own mistakes. They never remain on back foot when any new idea comes in their mind to do better for their blog. They always do changes to their blog as they realize the importance of analyzing the shortcomings of their implemented ideas. They would rather like to fail first and try to learn what mistakes they have made and eventually succeed than never try at all.

So, you should have to develop these characteristics within yourself to be next successful blogger in your niche.

Reality behind money blogging for living

Earn from blog is a very popular phrase seen everywhere online. These words really attracts new blogger to start blogging for money or AdSense blogging whatever you like to call it. But the reality behind the blogging for living always gets unasked by new blogger or rarely being explained over the Internet about how much effort and time it needs to make a living from blogging. So, the back-story about blogging for living either kept hidden intentionally, remain unasked by new blogger or rarely described by only few blogger.

Impact of hidden reality about blogging for living.

Being a an administrator, an instructor of my own Big Blog academy I often encounter new faces who comes to me and ask me in hurry about.

1. How long will I need to get rich from blogging like other AdSense earning members whom I have seen online?

2. Is it possible to make few thousands of dollars every day because the world is so vast in terms of jasminelive visitors?

3. I thing I will get rich soon now, will you help me in blogging? I have good writing skill.

There are lot more funny questions being uttered by them. And the only answer I reply to them is – "its true that people are really getting rich by blogging, but it does not have a single formula to implement and get rich within a certain duration of time". The tough it becomes to reply to the hyper excited people who are just trying to get jump in the sea of blogs and like to get the sea converted into Sea of money. In that case I never dare to reply any answer to them but just give them a little smile and say that it depends upon your quality to calculate the time factor.

You may be thinking why I am doing so, the answer is that I know its hard to earn from blogging but I don’t want to let their enthusiasm down by saying the very truth to them at first punch. But they eventually get it realize through my training courses and at that moment they are in a mental state to accept the reality of AdSense earning or blogging for living.

The hidden truth about blogging for living hurts

Over tonnes of blogs gets submitted everyday in this web and about 3/4th of the new blogger have just started blogging with the intention of adopting blogging as a career for making money for their living. But when the expectation doesn’t met reality, the disappointment and anger along with the hidden truth presents the worst cocktail effect. Most of them either left blogging or starts blogging full-time leaving their day job expecting that this will help them to get rich soon and in turn they loose every thing. So, the hidden truth about blogging for living always hurts.

The reality of Blogging for living or money blogging

Here I have discussed about the reality behind the blogging for living or blogging full-time for making money for living. Here are few things you should know if you are new and thinking about making blogging a full-time career.

1. Sucessful Blogging for money needs patience.

A successful blog never builds up in a day or month. It tooks years to build-up readership. The reason being simple that any one needs time to trust someone new. You have to put effort with unique, interesting and constant supply of demanding content to get trust from them. This takes time. And everyone know that blog popularity is directly proportional to blog earning.

2. Money Blogging takes a lot of effort

Lots of efforts can only help you to make living of blogging. Most of the blogger tries to post several times a day. Some others even post 15 to 20 articles per day. This not only attracts their new readers through search engine but also keep their loyal existing readers hang up with the fresh contents of the blog. But it should be kept in mind that quantity blogging is not all, each and every blog post should have quality maintained in it otherwise these huge inflow of readers will only visit once never to visit again.

3. The truth

As in any money game the blogging follows the same rule. There are thousands of players rushing every minute to this blogging game, most of them just gets knock out in the first round of the game when they need to hold on patience, some of them manage to earn something for their pocket money. Few others get success to make it a earning for living and much smaller group can make huge from it. So, you have to get ready for the fact.

4. Depression takes you nowhere

I have not written this post with an intention of depressing the new blogger, but I want to share with all that please don’t accept blogging as a short term career. You have to put effort, be patient to get success here. It is never too late to start blogging but it is always too early to say that you can start making money from very next month. The all you need to do to be a successful blogger to make living out of blogging is be orignal about content, keep consistence, put max efort and wait for the success with patience.