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Who we are

Paper Droids is an online magazine dedicated to geeky girls. It was founded in October 2011 by a group of publishing students who were dissatisfied by the lack of non-commercial, geeky outlets for women. 

We publish articles daily on a broad spectrum of topics in nerd culture, focusing on women’s issues and experiences. Our geeky categories include Art & Literature, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Science & Technology, and Style. Topics range from blockbuster movies to indie comics, from hardcore gaming to history geekery, with a healthy dash of literary criticism and fashion tips on the side–all from a female perspective.

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Why Paper Droids is Important

Paper Droids is a place where writers and readers can come together to geek out over their passions, support women in non-traditional–or “geeky dude”–roles, decry systems that far too often ignore or exclude female audiences, and learn about ladies who are making a difference every day in the world they love.