Megan Patterson


Get to know…
Paper Droids’ Science and Technology Editor

What kind of geek are you?
Gamer, TV, fashion geek and fantasy buff.

In connection to your role here at Paper Droids, what is your favourite title/product?
Huge Assassin’s Creed and Dragon Age fan, former Final Fantasy nerd (I am still kind of upset that they’ve all been pretty bad since X).

If you could become a character and be tossed into any fandom, which one would you be a part of?
I want to be a heroine in a Tamora Pierce Tortall book PRETTY BAD.

Which internet meme best represents you and why?

“Look at this Fucking Corgi” is my favourite. I love corgis and this is my favourite picture, because this corgi is dressed up like Serenity.