Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be female to be a writer for Paper Droids?

Yes, you must identify as either female or non-binary to write for Paper Droids.

Paper Droids prides itself on providing a space for women and non-binary individuals to express their thoughts and opinions about geek culture, since too often it is dominated by male voices. It is for this reason that we have a policy of accepting only them as writers, though we wish all aspiring male writers luck in finding a place elsewhere.

How do I apply to become a writer for Paper Droids?

Paper Droids is no longer publishing. We are no longer accepting pitches or applications to contribute.

Are there any age requirements?

18 and up may apply.

How often do I have to write?

If you are accepted as a contributor, you will discuss with your section editor how often you’d like to be placed on the schedule. We’d love for you to write for us at least once a month.

Do I get paid?

Unfortunately, none of us get paid. We have no money to give you. However, this is a great opportunity to build your writing portfolio and get experience writing about what you love.

Do I come up with article ideas or wait for assignments?

Either/or. We would love you to come up with your own ideas; however, you must query the editor via email to have it approved. You’ll be given a word count and due date. If you are open to assignments, we’ll brainstorm article ideas with you.

Where is Paper Droids located? How can I learn more about you?

Paper Droids is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Read our About page for more details about the Paper Droids staff and how we got started!

Does it matter what country I live in?

No. We’d love to get voices from as many places as possible.

Do I need a specific level of education?

No. We’re not concerned with that—we care more about your writing and ideas.

Do you have internship opportunities? Are you hiring?

Check out our Opportunities page.

Can I become an affiliate (be a part of your blogroll)?

Email our social media manager to see if you qualify.

Why haven’t you answered my email yet?

While we do try to answer everyone’s emails in a timely manner, please keep in mind that the Paper Droids staff do have day jobs and we run the website as a fun side project.

Still have questions?

Send us an email and we’d be happy to answer them!

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