Some Bittersweet News

If you had told me I would be writing this post six years later way back in 2011 when I wrote the first post for Blog 404, the publication that eventually became Paper Droids, I’m not sure I would have believed you. This site started as a project for school, but unlike everyone else in our class that year, we were the only ones who decided to try to keep theirs going. We knew what we wanted to accomplish from the get-go, which was to provide a safe place for women to write about things that they care about that they might not be able to elsewhere, and I’m really proud of what we managed to accomplish here. But, like all good things, it’s time for Paper Droids to end.

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that we haven’t been posting as often lately, and that the quality of the site has really been down for the last year or so. A lot of things happened in that time, and it simply got to the point where we just don’t have enough people or resources to do this anymore. We’ve always been run by a very passionate group of volunteers, and that’s simply not a sustainable way to run a website well. We’ve been a bit sad about how much the site has declined, and it’s not fair to any of us to keep going if we can’t do our best. So we finally made the decision that it’s finally time to say good-bye. Paper Droids will continue publishing up until the end of May, and we hope to have a few things to share with you before then. But after June 1st, 2017, we will no longer be updating the site.

I’d like to thank all of our amazing contributors we’ve had over the years for sharing their words with us and really making Paper Droids what it is. We wouldn’t have gotten here without you, and I’ve enjoyed working with all of you, and I know my fellow editors feel the same. Tio everyone who’s ever commented or shared or chatted with us on social media – we saw you, and you were great, and we appreciate every one of you. And of course a very, very special thanks to everyone who devoted their time behind the scenes as editorial or administrative staff over the years.

But while this might be the end of Paper Droids, that doesn’t mean that the legacy of the site and what it stands for is gone. You’ll still see many of us around with other projects, waving our geek banner proudly and speaking our minds. And never hesitate to say hello on social media!

It’s been a blast,

The Paper Droids team