Celebrate Buffy’s 20th Anniversary with Lurk, A Fray Fan Film

5614b4348671f1f483c228d78f0525e8We’ve talked about Fray before, but for those of you need a refresher: Joss Whedon’s Fray is a comic that takes place in the future of the Buffy-verse, only the slayers and demons are long gone, with only the “lurks”—the future term for vampires—remaining. That is until Melaka Fray comes along and starts the cycle anew.

It’s definitely a fun, futuristic world to explore, full of mutants and new technology and monkey creatures with multiple arms. It adds a nice dose of scifi to the business of vampire slaying, and now you can take things one step further. Once you’ve finished checking out the comics (definitely something we recommend), dive on in to Lurk, a Fray fan film. You can watch it below:

At just under 7 minutes long, Lurk is a fun addition to what the comics have established. It features the Slayer of the future getting picked up by the cops—and I won’t spoil anything else. The thing that stuck out the most to me is how spot on the casting is. Melaka, played by Stefanie Woodburn, looks almost like she stepped right off the page, as does the dynamic she has with her sister Erin (Hutchi Hancock). I wish we could have seen more from Harth (Noah Hunt), but with the short amount of time they had, they really nailed their relationship, even for people who may have skipped the comics altogether.

Look, it’s been 20 years since the Buffy-verse first kicked butt on screen. Joss Whedon fans will definitely want to give this a watch. Since there doesn’t seem to be any more Fray comics in the future, this is definitely worth checking out.

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