Santa Clarita Diet is Full Of Suburban Zombie Fun

This review contains minor spoilers as well as gifs of blood, gore, and Drew Barrymore chowing down on an arm. You’ve been warned. 

Question: How do you feel about watching someone get their fingers chewed off? How about someone sewing on their own toe? What about lots of vomit? No, I mean a lot of vomit. If you were okay with all of the above, then do I have the show for you.

Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as the typical suburban couple whose lives get turned upside down when the wife contracts a mysterious case of zombie-ism. What follows is a hilarious 10 episode romp through watching what was once a conventional family adjusting–and not adjusting–to their new reality. A new reality that involves a mom with a hunger for human flesh.

Overall, this series was right up my alley. People getting eaten? Check. Wacky hijinks over how to hide a body? Check. A family masquerading that everything is normal while there is a cooler filled with people in the back of their van? Check and check. If you enjoy programs like Pushing Daisies and can handle your gore, this is definitely the show for you.

The show wasn’t really perfect though, mostly because it felt like it focused a lot of time over the risks of them being caught, rather than solving how Sheila became a zombie in the first place. While looking for a cure is Joel’s main motivation, it felt a little drawn out compared to dealing with the crazy police officer neighbour or the ladies responding to the new upbeat Sheila. I get that the point is to show just how absurd suburban life can be, even without the zombie problem, but when there is seriously that much vomit going on (like, so much vomit you guys), it does require some kind of explanation.

Santa Clarita Diet

Speaking of vomit, there is a lot of gore and grossness in this, but it also looks fake enough that I think those with sensitive stomachs can handle it, as long as they go in prepared. The artificial aspect to it only adds to the charm, in a way that it adds to the hilarity of old horror movies. Sure, you know Nathan Fillion is wearing a prosthetic, but that doesn’t change the fact that his reaction to getting his fingers bitten off is hilarious.

I think most people can already anticipate whether they’ll like this or not. If you enjoy zombies, cannibalism, and poking fun at suburbia, this is the series for you.

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