Miss Fisher Joins Ranks of Videogame Heroines in Miss Fisher and the Deadly Maze

Miss Fisher and the Deadly Maze

If you’re like me, you spend most of your Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries rewatches thinking, “Damn, I wish someone would make Miss Fisher a videogame.” Who would be a better videogame heroine than the fabulously feminist, brassy and sex positive Miss Phryne Fisher? Well, finally someone has agreed with me, and there is an official Miss Fisher visual novel coming out from Tin Man Games, called Miss Fisher and the Deadly Maze.

Miss Fisher and the Deadly Maze picks up the Murdoch Foyle plotline, with Foyle having escaped the gallows yet again. Players will have to follow the clues to stay on Foyle’s trail, or will be taken in by false leads, making the investigation go cold. Of course Phryne will be joined by her companion and assistant, Dot Williams, in cracking the case, and other characters from the series will make appearances as well (Yes, of course Detective Inspector Jack Robinson will be there.) It will be an episodic game, with each episode having its own unique case, along with a larger arc that spans all of the episodes, much like the first season of the television series. It’s definitely more show-based than books, using the likenesses of everyone in the show, along with a lot of the outfits that Phryne has worn. The show’s composer is also involved in the game’s soundtrack. The game is written and designed by Luke Miller, best known for his point-and-click adventure My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant.

Miss Fisher and the Deadly Maze will be released for iPhone and Android on February 8th, with a PC and Mac release as yet planned but not given an official release date. If you’ve never had the pleasure that is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, there is still time to watch all three seasons of the show on Netflix. Which you should do, because it is awesome.

//Images via Tin Man Games.

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