SPONSORED POST: Women’s Inventions That Had A Supreme Impact On The World

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Women today are fortunate to live in a time where we are awarded the same privileges as a man. We can fight for our country, vote for our leaders, and work in any capacity that a man is able to. Although there are still some people stuck in the dark ages that believe that women are to marry a man, have his kids, cook, and clean, most people have given women the respect we deserve for being on the same level as any man. Throughout the years we have been given many more freedoms, but one thing that is still a thorn in the side of women everywhere is the fact that most people believe that men have contributed the most to the world we live in today. Here however we will examine just a few of the monumental inventions that have been invented by women that had a significant impact on the entire world.

Solar Energy
The world is a place of excess. Some countries are more excessive in their use of energy than others, but we all like to be comfortable within our homes and places of business, therefore we will run the AC and crank up the heater until we are perfectly satisfied with our environment. Our lack of consideration for how our excessive behavior may impact our environment has led to the need for more economical means of comfort. Companies throughout the world are now looking into renewable energy sources that will allow for them to cut the cord, so to speak, to the power companies that can account for half of their overall expenses each month. The costs to heat and cool any building are rising with each and every year and therefore solar power is making its way across the map to businesses and residences alike.
We can thank one woman for her great impact on the solar energy that is now becoming necessary to keep from our human impact on the environment. Dr. Maria Telkes is the woman that first created residential solar heating. Not only did she put the invention out for the public, but she actually worked with another woman, architect, Eleanor Raymond. The two constructed the first ever residential building that was entirely heated and cooled via solar panels. Although the technology has come a long way since this time, it is only by the contributions of Dr. Maria Telkes that we are able to have this very important way to get the energy we need without taking vital resources from the world around us.

One Hand Medical Syringe
Although there are not many people that will claim that they enjoy going to the doctor and receiving a shot, we can all attest to a time in our lives where it was necessary in order to get better. The medical syringe is something that we now take for granted. They come in their very own sterile plastic container and are discarded after they are used. Many years ago however, the act of getting a shot was not something to be taken lightly. The devices used were in no way small and absolutely not sterile.
It was not until 1899 that the world was presented with the first ever one handed syringe. The patient was able to be comforted with one hand while the nurse was able to give them a shot with the other. It made the process of giving shots much less involved and Letitia Geer is the one behind it all. This seemingly simple device makes it possible for countless people throughout the world to be kept from infection and ward off diseases that would have killed them a century ago.

We think of Wi-Fi as a relatively new concept with its inception only within the last few decades, but the original concept come directly from a Hollywood Actress. Hedy Lamarr was the name of the actress and she worked with Army to develop the secret communications system that made targeting torpedoes during WWII possible. Wi-Fi was primarily based off of this original concept, so you can thank a woman for your ability to navigate the internet from virtually anywhere.

Women are often thought of as the weaker sex, but in reality it is us who have made the most impact on the world as a whole. Women throughout the world are able to allow their minds to be used for more than just memorizing a casserole recipe or remembering the grocery list. We are just as smart as any man and these inventions are just a few of the proof positive examples of that. So the next time you think that your idea may not be good enough or that people will not listen to you because you are a woman, take a page from these women’s lives and just get out there and try. You never know where your invention will take you or even the world.

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