Stay Fit the Hero Elite Way



Are you the type of person who gets excited about anything related to your favourite superheroes? Are you more likely to join in and participate in activities if you could try out your new favourite piece of equipment?

I have always been the type of girl who has the unique accessories, the one who buys things because they are pretty or mean something to me. Remember the episode on Gilmore Girls where Rory Gilmore volunteered to help build houses for Habitat for Humanity and rocked up with her blinged-out hammer? I would be that type of girl.

Fitness equipment manufacturer Onnit is preparing to release a series of officially licensed Marvel-themed workout gear later this year titled “The Hero Elite Series”.  As they are just beginning the project – currently released are Captain America and Iron Man barbells and weights and hopefully by earlier next year, they will have rolled out a few more pieces of equipment in the new “Hero Elite Way Series’.

Now you can represent your favourite team for Civil War by taking it a step further and having your own fitness equipment in their honour.

Are you #TeamCaptainAmerica or #TeamIronMan?

For more information and prices, check out Onnit’s website at

Introducing the Marvel Hero Elite Captain America Shield Urethane Barbell Plates by Onnit. These functional barbell plates are modeled after Captain America’s iconic shield and are made from top-quality polyurethane with a steel center.


Paula reigns from the small country of New Zealand. She is a self-proclaimed geek chic who prefers DC over Marvel and loves to wear superhero tshirts on a daily basis, not to mention her Batman high-top sneakers. She also can be found at her version of The Daily Planet - her book review blog "The Phantom Paragrapher"