10 Harry Potter Inspired Bedroom Designs


July is a special month due to the release of the 8th Harry Potter story – Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

Ever since the creation of The Philosopher’s Stone book in 1997, Harry Potter has become a worldwide sensation. The book which was created by J.K Rowling made a magical write up that left its readers with beautiful memories.

The effects of the book did not end with the print version; it has been turned into movies which have cemented the world’s love with Harry Potter. Naturally, numerous people have taken inspiration from Harry Potter’s inspired designs to decorate their bedroom and have done that for a good reason also. There are various types of Harry Potter’s inspired bedroom designs, that will bring out the wizard or witch side in you when you apply and decorate your room according to it.

If you are a Harry Potter lover, and you wish to design your bedroom with inspirations from this worldwide known sorcerer, then this article will help you select the perfect match out of the top ten Harry Potter’s inspired bedroom designs. Here they are:

Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft Dormitory.

The beautifully designed bedroom got loads of inspirations from this world-renowned sorcerer play act. From the sight of this design, one question that comes to mind is: Does this gorgeous dormitory channel the interior of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or what? The love of the dark detail that would bring the stories to life is quite captivating and impressive.



A Comfy Blanket

The comfy blanket is a great bedroom design of which any Harry Potter’s fan would kill to have such a bedroom layout. Though as this content is being written, most of the actresses and actors behind the success story of the Harry Potter franchise have all moved on and probably have taken on more mature roles, some of the young generations and those yet to come, have not gotten or discover the magic of Hogwarts. To create a feel of Harry Potter in your bedroom, you can start with this comfortable blanket bed.


Cupboard under the stairs

A bedroom design with inspiration from Harry’s first bedroom, though it might not be as depressing and dark when compared to the Potter’s first bedroom, it will be a good idea to sleep in a space that is tucked under a stair in the comfort of your home.  When you want to create the bedroom design, don’t think about Harry Potter’s first bedroom, the cupboard under the stairs, but try and focus on the magical sleeping area which you will cherish any moment you enter the bedroom.

To perfect this design, choose a bold colour for the room painting, but it should be your favourite. After choosing your colour, you fit in some beautiful and simple items that will do the trick for you. Some of the items you can fit in include toys, shelves, cubes, and rugs.



Gryffindor dormitory

Although the details of the design here are not really super like most Harry Potter designs, but this comfortable multiple bunk bedroom can be easily rearranged to reflect the dormitories of Hogwarts that Harry Potter and his friends lived in their days in the school.

 Harry Potter bedroom-Harry Potter bedroom ideas-2

The Prefects Double Bed Design

This exciting double bunk design got its inspiration from the dormitories of Hogwarts School of wizardry and witchcraft.




Harry Potter’s Car Bedroom Design

Another great design inspired by Harry Potter. Though not really up to the level of the pieces Harry, Ron and Hermione encountered in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but this bedroom with Harry Potter’s car like design bed set is more life-sized than most designs you have seen. In combination with the timeless wood-framed mirror and the floral patterned cupboard, this concept brings forward an innovative way of recreating vintage interior design.


Albus Dumbledore Quote

If you are a lover of the quote from the Harry Potter’s franchise, Albus Dumbledore quote will be one of such quotes that you will not want to forget especially if you believe in dreams. You can design your room with this inscription of the quote just like what is depicted in the image.


The Harry Potter Design

If you like the name ‘Harry Potter’ written boldly on your wall where you sleep, then this design will do just fine for you. This bedroom design got a lot of inspirations from various areas of Harry Potter; it brings a combination of numerous sets of Harry Potter written all over it.


Hall of portraits Design

This Harry Potter inspired traditional design is cosy, to say the least, though the portraits might not freely move like those in the real Harry Potter movies, these excellent paintings seems they might run someday.

The grand Bedroom Design

The grand bedroom design is a typical Harry Potter inspired dormitory design. They have great resemblance with that in the movies of the sorcerer. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, and you want to create a feel of Harry Potter in your home but you are not at ease with murals, memorabilia, and decals, why not give this design a try. This design is a spacious and nicer version of Dursleys Cupboard under the stair.


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