10 Home Designs for Serious Geeks

It won’t be an exaggeration to say geeks are fanatical about the area of their interest. When they become obsessed with a certain object, their whole life revolves around it. They are emotionally and mentally captivated by it all the time. No wonder, they would like their homes to reflect their passion. They would definitely want to design a space for themselves which exhibits their enthusiasm. Following are 10 nerdy home design ideas for serious geeks.

  1. Unusual Home entrance

The geeky sensation in your home should begin right from the entrance. You can customize your entire door or merely add a sticker to your door or change the locks.


Don’t forget to add a geeky floor mat.


  1. Themed Bedroom


Themed bedrooms are not just for kids. It is every geek’s dream to have a personal space which depicts their obsessions. It is a retreat where they can completely engross themselves into their own fantasy world.

Implement your theme using corresponding bedding sets, rugs, curtains, wallpapers, wall hangings and some related memorabilia. Check out this easy to create pirates themed bedroom.




  1. Sci-fi Living room


Here is how serious geeks can impart a nerdy fervour to their living room. Start with the geeky furniture pieces and complement them with matching color schemes. You can incorporate characters from your favorite movies and books. Try to avoid tacky schemes to remain elegant and trendy.

Get inspired by this awesome sci-fi living room. From sci-fi sofas to star trek framed posters, everything is carried out perfectly. The presence of Robby the Robot further enhances the look.

living room


  1. Geeky Kitchen


Yes, you can pass on your geekiness to your kitchen too. It’s not necessary to design your whole kitchen based on a theme. A kitchen counter inspired by a movie or book or some geeky kitchen gadgets can do the trick. There are unlimited nerdy options to choose from like Star Wars Knife Block, Superhero Spatulas, Mario Refrigerator Magnets, Tetris Sandwich Cutter, and Rubik’s Cube Mini-Fridge and so on.

This particular kitchen counter has been crafted using Lego for the indomitable geeks.



  1. Digital Bathroom


This futuristic hi-tech bathroom is ideal for the gadget freaks that can’t stay away from their devices even for a small time. For those nerds who cannot stay away from their digital devices even for a few minutes.

This outstanding design uses modern fixtures and fittings allowing you to catch up on your work, stay up to date with news, stay connected with the social media or unwind by listening to music or watching movies while you are in a bathroom.



  1. Peculiar Bookshelves


Knowledge is essential for any geek or nerd. They cannot live without being up-to-date with the latest information. Hence, they possess a vast collection of books, movies or games necessitating them to have a space to store these things. What can be a better way to keep this geek collection than in equally peculiar racks? Yes, you can find a Batman, Pac-man or a Mario bookshelf easily. You can use any wall or corner in the house that is fairly empty to mount them.

Check out this cool Tardis bookshelf inspired by Doctor Who.



  1. Incredible Playroom


Set up a marvellous playroom for your kids as well. Use fun murals to decorate the walls and place their beloved toys and games there. Design an incredible place where they can have physical exercise as well as use their imagination.

Here, a playroom has been set up using the Disney theme.



  1. Super Home Cinema


Your home cinema is an expression of your fervours so use your imagination to design it with a unique geeky touch where you can drown yourself into a fantasy world while catching a flick.

Personalize your home theatre with this superhero inspired idea.




  1. Nerdy Staircase


Probably, the easiest and the most inexpensive way to impart a nerdy look to your home are through stairs. Grab your paintbrushes and paint the stair risers with the titles of your beloved books or movies. You can also write the quotes from your much-loved books or movies. Another idea is to use the wall beside the stairs to hang up your geek-inspired posters.



  1. The Ultimate Gaming room


Obviously, how can we forget a gaming room, the ultimate dream place of any gaming geek? The room should include some really modern gaming equipment along with surround sound to create a perfect gaming environment. The chairs should be comfortable as you would be spending most of your time there. However, at times, you need something other than electronic games. So, make room for board games and a multi games table which combines two, three or more games in one space-saving design.

This gaming room, decorated with camo nets and a canvas rug has been themed after the game, Call of Duty.


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