Train Like A Superhero


Her Universe has teamed up with Marvel Entertainment and Kohl’s to bring fans the perfect workout gear, so that you too can train like a superhero in style.

Often when I have been searching in the past for that “perfect” exercise outfit where I can look stylish as well as practical, it has been a mission and a half since they always seem to be made for those body shapes that are already slim and toned, you know the ones where we think they don’t need to exercise or I want some of their luck.

As someone who will never have that perfect slim body figure or toned muscles as I am definitely not made that way and no matter how many times I exercise, I still have parts of my body where the fat won’t slip away and disappear forever.

Now we do not have to sit on the sidelines and wish for our “perfect” exercise outfit as Her Universe’s Train Like A Superhero collection comes equipped for sizes XS – 5XL . There is something for everyone and all body shapes.

The outfits can be purchased in stores or online from Kohl’s.
Now that you have step one (purchasing the perfect excercise outfit) complete, you can move onto step two.

Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein has teamed up with Heidi Moneymaker, whose resume contains being the stunt double for Scarlett Johansson’s character Black Widow, to create a Train Like A Superhero workout video for us all to try out the moves and stretch those muscles and parts we never knew could ache so much.

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