What Happens When Archer Goes Hollywood?

Evil Bob Ross Knievel, that’s what.

It’s a little known fact (well to you maybe, anyone that follows me on social media has probably picked up on it @theangellawson) that I’m in love with Sterling Archer. This is ridiculous, of course, mostly because he’s a cartoon. Also because he’s super terrible. Like basically the worst, yet…

I love him.

Archer is on Season 7, and the show decided to make some big changes this year. It’s not uncommon for the show runners to decide to switch things up. First they had their whole “Archer Vice” season where the focus was on them getting rid of massive amounts of cocaine. Then they had to make some adjustments due to the fact their spy agency was actually called ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service.)


So after some issues, the team packs up and moves to Hollywood where Cyril, the accountant and occasional field agent, opens a private investigator firm. The flip flop here is that Cyril is the boss (no, he’s not) and they are hungry for cases (sort of) and somehow land a job working for Veronica Dean, a famous actress. The first scene shows us a fast forward of several months with Archer dead in a Veronica Dean’s’ swimming pool, so clearly we gather from the get-go that this storyline is important.

Personally, I’m a fan of this change of pace (although some, including Adam Reed, the creator, wouldn’t call it much of a change anyway). I like the full season teaser. They’ve treaded on themes before, but nothing as solid as a full 13 story arc. Archer is perfection in old Hollywood, typically jealous and dumb, but this time surrounded by L.A. types with similar flaws.

I have to admit though, I’m curious about other stuff. For example, here is a list of things we haven’t seen yet:

  1. Where do they all live? How do they live? Do they have enough money to live at the standard they were used to?
  2. Do Lana and Archer live together with the baby? Do they have Stir-Friday? They are a couple, but it seems tenuous and yes ISHIPTHEM.
  3. Did Krieger bring his van? Did he bring his hologram girlfriend/wife?
  4. Will Krieger keep his amazing Bob Ross Afro? (Episode 7)
  5. Does Cheryl still have her Tunt money? Does she live in a West Coast Tunt Mansion?
  6. Are they going to address Woodhouse? It seems sad and painful. I’m conflicted.

Six episodes to go. I just hope there are more with Evil Bob Ross Knievel and less with clowns.


Image from denofgeek.us and archer.wikia.com


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