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Going to movies is such a great thing, but even here it is impossible to separate the good from the bad. In the movie theater, you are far more likely to encounter people talking, texting or loudly eating, as well as going to the toilet every 10 minutes. Even though some would call each of these things a minor nuisance, when combined they can sometimes ruin the movie experience. All jokes aside, it is always good to have a corner where you can just let it all go and watch a romantic comedy, with your significant other. Or have an intimate spot to go into a full geek mode and follow your favorite epic fantasy or superhero show. Still, you cannot have a theater all for yourself, or can you? In the early 21st century it was never easier and less expensive to make one inside of your own home, so here are some ideas.

Basement or attic, that is the question

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In most cases, you will not have the luxury of choosing the room, but will be forced to take one that is available. However, if you have that option it would be ideal to place your cinema either in the basement or on the attic. The reason for this is quite simple, first the room is not that big that your TV screen will look small in it, and it is not that small that you cannot host some company. Next, seeing how there are not many windows there, it is somewhat easier to dim the light in the room and last but not the least important, it is mostly isolated from the rest of the home (which is great because of the noise). Still, what most people usually go for is equipping their own room in this manner.

Prepping the room

For starters you need to do is prepare the room adequately for what is to come. Now, we mentioned reducing the noise in your cinema room, but maybe you should try to do something else about it, rather than just picking a distant room. One of the things you could do is insulate the room and thus make it even more sound-proof. However, sound is not the only problem here and sometimes, the color of your walls may affect your viewing experience. This is why, going for grey, dark red or brown is probably your safest bet. These colors will allow you to focus on the screen without distracting you or reflecting.

Quality video system


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Regardless of what we thought about the layout of the room, its location, its color and sound resistance, there are two things that are absolutely paramount and that is the quality of your audio and video systems. In a recent conversation with people from a renowned Universal Home Theater company we were pointed towards perhaps the most important reason behind this. In the 21st century, picture resolution and framerate are increasing, so in order to be able to watch these 4K, IMAX and 3D videos properly, you need to have an adequate hardware.

Sound is the key

As for the sound system, nothing enhances the overall ambience more as having all the sounds in a movie sharped out. Although good sound quality is always important, in some genres this is more important than in others.

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For example, if you were to watch a horror movie, with or without top-notch audio system is all the difference. This is why, you might want to go for the surround system, and if you absolutely need to skim on something, speakers are not the right place to do so.

Seating solution

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Finally, your seating solution depends mostly on your own personal preference. As you can probably already tell one of the key factors here is how many people you invite to call over. In rare cases, when you are trying to fill the room even the chairs will do. However, if you plan on having a bit more intimate company, a bit more elegant solution like a sofa or armchairs are your safest bet.

A personal touch


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Of course, it would be silly to believe that you can just find a perfect formula, for a perfect home theater. There is no way to create just one unique style to fit everyone. However, with a bit of luck, and a lot of effort you can find a combination that fits you just right. This of course means adding a couple of posters with scenes from your favorite movies, or even making a shelf with replicas of all the prestigious movie and television awards. If having your own home theater wasn’t rewarding enough an Academy Award or two as well as the occasional Emmy will do the trick.

By following just these few simple steps, you will have your own home theater in no time. Just think about it this way, now whenever there is a Blu-ray premiere, you can just make your popcorn, get some drinks, and invite a group of your closest friends over. This way, you will have an almost authentic movie night experience, without any of the aforementioned nuisances. Regardless of the costs, this whole idea is not something that you can put a price tag on so easily.


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