Crowdfund This: Quench A Story-Driven Sahara Puzzle Game


We love story-driven games here at Paper Droids, so of course when we heard about Quench, a story-driven puzzle game coming out of our home base of Toronto, we of course had to share. But this isn’t a puzzle game like most of those you play on your phone, and nor is it a story-driven puzzle game in the same way that point and click adventure games like Myst is. In Quench, you need to use your wits to help a herd of animals in their annual migration to the east.

You play as Shepherd, a kind of benevolent nature spirit who wants to help the animals of the Sahara make the dangerous yearly migration. You start with a herd of elephants, though there are several other animal tribes, each with their own special abilities and strengths and weaknesses that will either aid them or hinder them in their journeys. As the Shepherd, you have your own special abilities, namely controlling the weather and other natural elements of the environment, including earthquakes. You use these abilities to help your herds overcome obstacles. For example, if you encounter a brush fire, you can easily put it out using the rain ability. However, it’s not just the environment that’s against you – you quickly discover that the animal’s migration east is more necessary now than ever, as the land is dying, and mysterious shadow creatures are appearing. This means that the terrain will get more and more impassable the farther you go along, as well as add the additional challenge of avoiding these shadow monsters. The completed version of Quench will have 28 levels, and the ultimate goal of the game is to show how compassion, kindness, and forgiveness can be powerful things, both through the story and the mechanics, which emphasize nurturing and protecting your charges rather than violence.

Bu the Axon Interactive team need a little bit of extra help to bring Quench to the finish line, asking for a rather reasonable goal of $26,000 CDN to see the project completed for PC and Mac later this year. Stretch goals include voice acting, a world map upgrade, and even a WiiU port if they are able to exceed that goal.

If you’re interested in Quench and would like to see the project completed, check out their Kickstarter, which as of press time still has 29 days left to go. There are some pretty great rewards for contributing, like your own copy of the very relaxing Quench soundtrack.

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