April is Coming: Geek up Your Room for Season 6

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Season 6 of Game of Thrones is coming and unlike with The Winds of Winter, we have the exact date set for April 24th. Now, for those of you most hardcore fans out there, simply tuning in and watching does not suffice, everything, including the setting, must be perfect. With this in mind, why not go a bit over the top and show your support for the show by decorating your room in a distinctly GoT style. Needless to say with the war raging on, great houses are calling in their bannermen and what better way to show your allegiance that to proudly display colors of your liege lords.

Winter is coming
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When it comes to the design of the north, it would be best to turn to minimalism. Northerners are known for their contempt towards extravagance so make sure to leave in this room only the most basic necessities. Adding more cloth, especially if you can get your hands on wool or wool-like materials will be a huge hit. Now, when it comes to colors of the north the sigil of house Stark is a grey direwolf racing across a field of white, so these two neutrals are your most obvious choices.

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What you can also do is add a nice direwolf mural on the wall and further personalize the room. Another great idea would be to decorate a corner of your room and make it into a proper indoors jungle. This can serve as your own personal godswood.

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Hear me Roar

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As the seasons progress, house Lannister gains more and more support amongst both readers and show audience. Proving this loyalty to the great house of Casterly Rock can be quite simple when it comes to bedroom design.

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All you need to do is obey two basic colors of Lannisters: red and gold. With this in mind, painting your walls crimson (like the color of their banner) or copper red (like the hair of their courageous sworn sword Ser Addam Marbrand) might be a great idea. Furthermore, house Lannister is the wealthiest one in all of Westeros and in Martin’s fictional world nothing speaks more of luxurious design than a nice Myrish rug. Unfortunately in real world, free city of Myr and its rug manufacture don’t exist, which is why best next thing would be to go with rug that resembles its beauty.

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Fire and blood

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While others squabble some of us faithfully await for the mother of dragons to arrive. With this in mind, in order to show that you are a true Targaryen loyalist, you could have a décor to match.
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Now, everyone knows that colors of house Targaryen are red and black, but the very essence of old Valyria is about more than that. This means that adding as many fiery elements such as candles (or even a fireplace) to your room, would be a move in the right direction. Naturally, a dragon figurine or two are a most definite must. When it comes to personal style of beautiful Daenerys, she prefers some neutral white, light purple, gentle or even vibrant blue colors in combination with skillfully chosen dragon scale inspired jewelry. Going for a similar colors and decor motives on your cushions, blankets or walls is also a sound idea.

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Growing Strong

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Bring a bit of Highgarden in your home and go full Tyrell on your room. What this means is that apart from painting your room green, you need to go with as much floral motifs and make them as colorful as Ser Loras’ wardrobe. If the season is right, you should most definitely always have fresh flowers in your room.

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Another idea would be to replace this painting with nice floral and flowers wallpaper. By playing your cards right, you can soon transform your room into a chamber which even Queen of Thorns would have to praise for ingenuity.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

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Now, if you dream of something a bit more spicy and exotic, you cannot go wrong with Dornish inspired style. Similar to Andalusian and Moorish style (incidentally Alcazaba of Almería is a filming location for Sunspear) Dorne is a sunny place with a lot of bright colors. This means that apart from house Martell colors yellow and orange, you can also go with crème to further round up the overall impression. A lot of wall cloth and seating cushions will help in your efforts as well.

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Hear my words and bear witness to my vow

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Still, not everyone in Westeros is sworn to this or that great house. You can also decide to go with a design inspired by a brotherhood of Night’s Watch. This of course, means that your entire room would have to “take the black”, which some may find too ‘’emo’’ for their taste. For those however, the safest bet would be to try with some black details like cushions, candle holders or dark colored, warm and cozy blankets. You can further enhance your room by hanging Night’s Watch posters on the walls. Both of these styles however require that you relinquish plastic and PVC as much as you can and turn to hardwood and metal.

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With War of Five Kings, closing to an end, you would be wise to choose your side as soon as possible. Your room’s design will serve as your banner so that both your friends and enemies can see who you stand with. All jokes aside, Game of Thrones inspired decor is not to be taken likely. Namely, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to put everything together so that it works beautifully. What do you get from it? A custom design that you can hang around with your friends, play board games and discuss your favorite moments.


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