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Disclaimer: I recieved compensation for writing this blog post from Print Syndicate but though this is a sponsored post, all the opinions and comments are my own thoughts and are honest/non-biased views.

Once upon a time , in the month of November in the year 2012 a company was created by the name of Print Syndicate. Print Syndicate were fans of self-expression through exceptional designs and decided that they would interpret and convert social trends for instance Pop Culture Brands into printed objects on everyday items that we all wanted to own out in the public’s eye from Iphone Cases to Homewares to my favourite item of all Clothing – T-Shirts and Sweatshirts  including the one above which I actually had brought for me as a christmas presen

Print Syndicate includes T-Shirts for Everyone. More information about Print Syndicate and what they offer along with their mission statement which is “to enable self-expression through exceptional design” . Print Syndicate –  http://www.printsyndicate.com/

Two of the sub-brands from Print Syndicate  include LookHuman and Activate Apparel.

LookHuman is the place to be as we aim to celebrate the individuals who refuse to be tamed; the fun-loving, free-spirits living their lives one wild party at a time. Our designs offer an indelible souvenir of all those crazy moments that leave you feeling forever young, wild, and free. Our mission in life is to make sure that our fellow T-shirt lovers can Live for the moment. Dress for the moment.

Looking through the site , it was so hard to pick my favourites as I am a big t-shirt fan I wanted them all.  As a friend had brought me a T-shirt from the site before , I knew that they would be good quality and that when washed the writing doesn’t fade which is a bonus but if you are 5ft 2 and slim , then to give you a pre-warning as don’t go for Women’s Medium – go for Women’s Small as like me , you will discover that the medium shirt ends up swimming on you – though this does mean that it is great to wear as a Nightshirt for bed in the summer and paired with a pair of boxer shorts – makes the perfect summer pyjama set.

Here is my Top Five favourites from LookHuman  and all designs can be found at www.lookhuman.com with plenty of different categories to choose from such as Fandoms where you will find clothing from shows such as Harry Potter , Star Wars , Supernatural to Fitness where you have fun slogans like “Hakuna Masquata means Nice Booty ”  and to help celebrate International Cat Day for 2016 – you have the “Show me your Kitties” designs which are decorated with the most gorgeous pictures of Kittens .

For all those Fandom Fans :

Hogwarts Shire Jedi (23418-tr401atk) I never received my acceptance letter from the Hogwarts so I’m leaving the Shire to become a Jedi! This may be the nerdiest shirt ever, so wear with caution. Perfect for proud geeks who love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars!


For the Netflix Fans :

Training for a Marathon (On Netflix) (44860-2329hgrey) If you’re training for a marathon you get bragging rights, even if it’s a Netflix marathon! Get some laughs and stay lazy with this funny design for netflix marathoners!


For the Harry Potter Fitness Fans :

Albus Dumbbelldore (54142-2408whi) Get to the gym and show off your nerdy side with this nerd fitness inspired design! Channel your Albus Dumbbelldore and lift those weights! Time to get Hogwarts swole!


For the Disney Fan inside all of us:

Punk Rock Ice Queen (42880-2001blk) Let it go, and be a hardcore, punk rock princess. Unleash your true icy queen diva and become a sassy, princess ice queen with this punk rock princess shirt! This is one of the t-shirts I actually own and one thing with the design , I will warn you that when you wash it – to make sure that you wash the shirt inside out as otherwise the design fades a little faster than you expect.

Perfect for Fans of The Princess Diaries:

Things I Want To Hear (91886-2408whi) This funny shirt features the words “things I want to hear: you’re beautiful – you have great style – I love you – you are the princess of Genovia” and is perfect for people who like Princess Diaries, funny movie shirts, being a princess, and is perfect for school, college, university, and pratying like a princess of Genovia! I don’t know about you but growing up I was obsessed with the series by Meg Cabot – The Princess Diaries and own the two films on DVD so when I saw this T-shirt and being a Librarian – it was destiny.


The second site that Print Syndicate owns is Activate Apparel which includes fun and nerdy for all us geek lovers out there workout gear and it’s fun workout gear too , nothing serious. When I see this , it makes me remember the quote on Pitch Perfect where Fat Amy is lying down on the chairs and they are like – “what are you doing”? and she replies “Horizontal Running”.

Here are my top five favourites from Activate Apparel which if you notice on their site, quite a few of their t-shirts also contain pop culture references. Again , if you are around 5ft 2 – go for the small as you will find the Medium swims on you.

For the Harry Potter Fans :

I lift (Harry Potter Books) All Day (33561-tr401atg) You love to lift. You lift all day, everyday. You don’t lift at the gym though, you lift all by yourself at home. You don’t lift weights either, you lift those harry potter books all day long.


For the Tolkien Fans out there :

Gundalf The Grey (36063-2408whired) The most powerful wizard in Middle Earth…Physically, at least. Whether it’s your workout or a Balrog, show that shit who’s boss, along with everyone else at the gym!


For Fans of Suzanne Collins’s series “The Hunger Games”

Hunger Games Workout (32741-2408atg) I work out because I know I would’ve been the first to die in the Hunger Games. Train hard and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Fans of Disney’s Belle From Beauty and The Beast :

I Only Date Beasts (31543-2329hgrey) Let’s be honest here, I’m fit enough to save myself any day of the week. I need a beastly man to keep up with me at the gym, so show me your beast enough to handle this Disney princess parody shirt.


Are you a Vintage Gamer and spent hours on Mario Kart ?

Look Like Peach Train Like Bowser (36023-2329hwhi) Best of both worlds, beautiful with a knock out punch. Look like Peach but train like Bowser with this Mario themed workout design!


Whether you are looking for a t-shirt with a pop culture reference based on books , video games , disney princesses , movies and feel the need to be different and stand out with a uniquely designed t-shirt . Print Syndicate has something for everyone and I feel that LookHuman and Activate Apparel will be added to my favourite shopping sites online featured in my favourites bar.


Paula reigns from the small country of New Zealand. She is a self-proclaimed geek chic who prefers DC over Marvel and loves to wear superhero tshirts on a daily basis, not to mention her Batman high-top sneakers. She also can be found at her version of The Daily Planet - her book review blog "The Phantom Paragrapher"

  • KatyRochelle

    Love these designs! I use another site to buy t-shirts and the designs sometimes are just not as exciting or unique. I’m definitely going to check these sites.

    • Paula Phillips

      I love LookHuman and have a few tshirts from that site, another great one is TeeTurtle 🙂