Dorm Essentials for the College Geek



With Summer over in a month’s time , most of us have been busy preparing for the next step in our lives and with that comes one of the most important college rituals of decorating your dorm room and making sure you have all your necessary dorm essentials and if you are like me , then you would love your dorm essentials to reflect your personality .

For all those heading off to College , I have put together a few “Dorm Essentials for the College Geek” inside of us all.

Needing somewhere to keep your drinks and food in your dorm ? Are you a Star Wars Fan ?
Han Solo Fridge



Wanting to make sure your pen’s don’t go walk about ? A must have is a pen holder on your desk for those late night cram sessions and study days.

Executive Knight Pen Holder


Are you considering a Science Major ? Someone who enjoys The Periodic Table ? Needing a Blanket to keep you toasty and warm ?
The Periodic Table Blanket

Do you consider yourself a “gamer geek” ? Have a soft spot for the classic gaming consoles ? Needing somewhere to place your dirty laundry in ?

The LaundryBoy Hamper styled in the old 8-bit console gaming system.


One thing that I ensure I always keep in my room is a little trashcan as somehow no matter how hard you try, you will always find yourself accumulating a lot of rubbish especially paper ? This rubbish bin is perfect for all those Star Wars and Robot fans.

R2D2 Rubbish TrashCan



Are you feeling inspired by your favourite fandom to decorate your dorm and collect the Dorm Essentials for the College Geek in strictly one Fandom whether it be Game of Thrones , Star Wars , Doctor Who etc ?

Head over to ThinkGeek as they have created a list of different Fandom Inspirational Guides  for decorating your Dorm Room :

The list includes :

#Star Wars
#Doctor Who#Star Trek
#Game of Thrones
#Retro Gaming


Paula reigns from the small country of New Zealand. She is a self-proclaimed geek chic who prefers DC over Marvel and loves to wear superhero tshirts on a daily basis, not to mention her Batman high-top sneakers. She also can be found at her version of The Daily Planet - her book review blog "The Phantom Paragrapher"