Designing a Super-Girl Themed Bedroom

Designing a Super-Girl Themed Bedroom

Little girls always aspire to be great when they grow up. One of their chosen careers would either be a doctor, a lawyer or a superhero. But little girls always end up pretending to be superheroes because they’d want to fly and be powerful. If you want to give your daughter a room to broaden her imagination, here are some tips to create that superhero haven for her.

1. Wall Decal Stickers

Wall decal stickers are simply stickers with images you put on your wall. They can also be called wall tattoo, wall vinyl or vinyl sticker. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors too. They can be used on windows, walls or tiles for decoration purposes. A super girl-designed sticker is perfect for your little one, especially if she wants to be one. Pair it with an eye-catching wall paint to make the sticker pop out.

 2. Super Hero-Themed Beddings

If you want to upgrade your daughter’s baby blankets into something cooler and age-appropriate, then Super girl hero-designed beddings the likes of Wonder Woman, Super girl and Batgirl, would be a hit for your little one. You can be extra creative with the other furniture’s by painting them in a hue that complements the beddings well to create that girly but powerful look.


3. Decorative Ceiling

A good ceiling deserves a pop of color and makes it a focal point in the room. A good example is to create stripes with two or three alternate colors for a striking look. If you are not into stripes, you can always go for the stencilled stars to create a starlit sky. If you are a bit more imaginative, hang some balls that resemble the planets in the solar system for a more realistic look.

 4. Wall Murals

A mural is any art piece that is directly painted on a wall. It can be a natural scenic backdrop, animal mural, city landscapes and so much more. For the ultimate super-hero fan, you can make a mural of a flying super hero to satisfy your little girl’s fantasies. Murals are great for any type of room: nursery, boy’s room and even yours.

Children's room

5. Decorative Lighting

Decorative lights are always in. They give a room a special glow if done properly. Most popularly used are fairy lights which are sometimes adorned around windows and even headboards. Another popular choice is lanterns that are hung on the ceilings. Having all these pretty lights are great, but you should also have emergency led lamps installed for the safety of your little one.

6. Paint the Room

Having trouble choosing the perfect shade? Paint it with the color of your daughter’s favourite super hero. Or you can simply paint it with a color that matches well with the curtains, beddings and all other furniture in the room.

7. Do-over the cabinets

Cabinets can be recreated if you just explore your creativity. Cover each drawer with a superhero fabric and paint them with Mod Podge. Allow to dry for a few hours. When it is dry enough, repeat the process of putting Mod Podge, let it dry one last time and it is done.

8. Wall Accents

There are so many things that can be done with a wall. One is to simply hang paintings or better yet, super hero masks that are used during Halloween. These masks are cheap and always available. You can hang them over doors or anywhere in the room to give it some attitude.


These designing tips will surely endear you to your little girl even more, creating such a wonderful space for her. While you’re at it, enjoy and have fun decorating!



Jessica Max is professional adviser for LED & Emergency Lights at, Jessica has also completed fellowship at New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships. She has also written several articles about emergency lights and fire safety tips.