Creating Your Own Superhero Themed Bedroom

Every girl loves a good superhero and if we are being completely honest, nothing beats having a Superhero Themed Bedroom and if you are like me, then you are bound to have been already on your way to creating your own superhero themed bedroom.

At the moment I have several DC Comic posters which I brought from The Warehouse – which is the New Zealand equivalent to Target or Wal-Mart type shops, I have a few bits and bobs from different geeky/gamer subscription boxes along with my latest craze at the moment of Pop Funko Figurines.

This article will help point you in the right direction to start creating your own superhero themed bedroom and the cool thing about Superhero merchandise is that it’s versatile , so if your bedroom isn’t the right place for it all – you could decorate the lounge or living areas.

Step #1 –

When re-creating a bedroom or a room from scratch, often the first thing we all like is a new colour – a new splash of paint and with Gidi Vigo – they have created a poster of the different colours in the themes of your favourite heroes e.g The Hulk or if you are an anti-hero fan Loki.



Step #2 – Feeling a bit crafty and classify yourself as a bit of a DIY-er ? Have some old comics lying around the house or why not head down to your local comic-book or op-shop and grab a few , preferably ones where you don’t mind cutting up the pages . A fun idea is to buy an old dresser or use your current dressing table and decorate it with pictures from comic books. For a How-to guide , check out



Step #3 – While you are at it, decorating and covering the dresser. Why not go the extra mile and add the whole superhero factor by switching out the dresser handles with superhero covered knobs . As I went for a pretty girl stage with my dresser a few years back, I have fake diamond handles but now that I’m feeling inspired with wanting to create a superhero theme, I might just do this.



Step #4 – Say goodbye to boring wardrobe doors or bedroom doors as you can paint the door into Superman’s changing phone booth or if you are a Doctor Who fan – a TARDIS . A How-To instruction set can be found @



 Step #5 – On your newly painted walls once they are dry of course , we could start adding some wall art and what better wall art to have than Superhero posters or prints. These can be purchased online or from any of your huge retail shops like Target, The Warehouse, Wal-mart.

Step#6 – With the leftover comic book pages that you used to decorate your dressing table/ drawers – as you won’t need much. How about cutting a small square and placing it over your bedroom light switch point. You can use either double-sided tape or super glue.


Step #7 – Now that the walls are covered , how about your floor ? What do you want to cover your floor space ? How about a Superhero Themed Rug like Captain America’s shield. This can be purchased from ThinkGeek @ and retails at $45.00 USD


Step #8 – Walls – check , floor – check and now time for your actual Bed . How about going all out and purchasing a Superhero Bed Set . With Etsy, ThinkGeek and your local department store – you have lots of choices to suit exactly what you want and which hero you relate more too – for me I would have a Wonder Women or general DC Comics whereas my brother is all about Marvel and would pick the below set which can be purchased from Bed, Bath and Beyond – for $60.00 USD



Step #9 – With our bed all set , most of us love sitting up in bed while it be reading or typing away. So having pillows is a must have which will give that superhero themed- bed the final touch. These pillow covers can be purchased from Etsy for $16.99 each.


Step #10 – Wanting to go the extra mile with creating your own superhero themed bedroom. How about purchasing a couple of Superhero masks to help tie back those curtains of yours. They can be purchased in a 2pk from Etsy for $7.50.



Step #11 – Last but not least , is the bedroom fan and if you have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, then that is perfect as you can switch out the boring fan pieces for a Superhero set which comes in a four pack of your favourites – Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin. These can be purchased from Etsy for $65.99





Paula reigns from the small country of New Zealand. She is a self-proclaimed geek chic who prefers DC over Marvel and loves to wear superhero tshirts on a daily basis, not to mention her Batman high-top sneakers. She also can be found at her version of The Daily Planet - her book review blog "The Phantom Paragrapher"