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Karri Justina Shea June 23, 2014 0






Shredder from the new Ninja Turtles movie

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  • Huff Post lists all the times the fierce women  of Game of Thrones were, well, fierce.
  • The first photo of Shredder, as well as a number of new posters that pay homage to the franchise’s comic book roots, have been released from Michael Bay’s upcoming Ninja Turtles movie.
  • Details have been released for the Amazing Spiderman 2 Blu-Ray, coming in August.
  • It’s confirmed: Jason Momoa, better known as Drogo from the Game of Thrones series, has been cast as Aquaman in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.
  • But what about Black Widow? Mark Ruffalo says Marvel is “entertaining” the idea of a(nother) solo Hulk movie.