Healthy Snacks for Gaming

You’ve all experienced it—the chip fingers, greasy controllers, and glazed eyes from the massive, sudden intake of junk food. You’ve felt the headache after the sugar rush. Let’s be honest, at this point you’re basically made of salt.

There’s a better—and healthier—way to snack while gaming!

If you eat these healthy snacks instead you’ll find yourself more satisfied, and your controller or mouse will thank you.

Unsalted Almonds: Satisfyingly crunchy and packed with protein and fiber, these tasty morsels will keep you full longer than those cheese puffs will, without the cheesy fingers. Almonds are also fabulous for your health; they help reduce cardiovascular disease and improve brain function. Eat some almonds and beat that level!

Fruit: Curb that sweet tooth with some natural sugars, without all the calories of candy. Plus, fruits pack a vitamin-filled punch to keep you from getting sick. You’ve got to be in your best form to conquer the world! In order to avoid sticky fingers, prepare fruit in a bowl and eat it with a fork, or make fruit kebabs on a skewer!

Hummus: Made from protein-filled chickpeas, hummus is a great snack to keep you full and to help prevent cravings. Iron in hummus helps to boost energy (take that, all nighters!). There are tons of recipes for excellent homemade hummus. Use it in place of ranch for your veggies or as a spread for crackers (try to get low salt varieties).

Healthy Snacks for GamingCarrots: Crunchy, sweet, and delicious—carrots are the ideal gaming snack. The high potassium level helps your body regulate sodium levels and the fiber helps reduce risk of cardiovascular disease as well as keeps you full longer. Add the benefit carrots have to your skin, nails, and eyesight, and you’ve got a supersnack.

It’s especially important to keep those eyes healthy for that eye-hand coordination! Take it a step further and carve your carrots: there’s nothing like eating a healthy Darth Carrot.

Healthy Snacks for Gaming

Smoothies: Smoothies are the ultimate gaming snack. Fruit, oats, spinach, you name it; you can probably make a smoothie with it. Smoothies are great for getting all your nutrients as well as keeping you full, especially if you add protein ingredients. Strawberry banana and blackberry smoothies are my favourites. Stick a straw in and you’re set; you won’t even have to take your eyes off the screen.

Most importantly, don’t forget to stay hydrated! That means water, folks. Most of the time when you think you’re hungry you’re actually dehydrated. Drink a big glass of water and wait ten minutes before making a snack: you may find that your craving for food has gone away. Keep a water bottle or a cup with a straw filled with water close by while you’re gaming to ensure you have constant access to water.

There you have it. Healthy eating and gaming can go hand in hand, for the mutual benefit of you and your controllers.

Do you have any favourite healthy gaming snacks? Let us know in the comments below!



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Kathleen is the copy editor and occasional writer for Paper Droids. She loves drinking tea with a good book and a warm blanket. When she's not reading epic fantasy novels (or attempting to write them), she can usually be doing yoga and acroyoga or daydreaming about being invited into the TARDIS by The Doctor.

  • I lot of times when I’m gaming I just want to chew on something rather then eat (It’s a concentration thing!) I just loads of sugar free gum when playing games! :O Great article!

    • I totally get that way, too! Gum is a fabulous idea!

  • Nerdy Chic

    Oh! My favourite gaming snack is sesame seaweed snacks! If you like sushi you’ll like these! You can find them in the Asian food aisle at the grocery store. High in iron which is good for us ladies!

    • OO! I love sushi. I’ll keep a look out for those!

  • Tracy Tendean

    Love this, Kathleen!

    I actually had a moment last month where I laughed at myself for being dungeon deep in Elder Scrolls Online while eating Seneca apple chips. It just seemed like such the opposite of the stereotypical Cheetos-dust-fingered gamer image 😉 Anyway, I highly suggest those. I’m a big chip junkie, and the Seneca apple chips actually have that satisfying crunch – AND they come in Caramel Apple flavour! (And are great calorie-wise).

    Or I like sugar-in-moderation gaming snacks like the snack-size Pocky packets, or my recent favourite summer treat – the tiny freezie (15 cals!).

    • Those all sound awesome! Apple chips—what a great idea!

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  • ^_^

  • MeganPatterson

    Hm, maybe I should have more smoothies, it solves the whole “I need hands to eat” gamer problem.

    • They’re SUPER awesome for computer games especially 🙂