Orphan Black: Down A Twisty Rabbit Hole

I don’t know how far this rabbit hole is going to go, but it just got a whole lot more twisty.

First, let’s talk about how Helena survived. I’m not a medical person and not going to claim to be. All I know is that it seems a little convenient from a writing perspective.

Apparently, Helena is a mirror of Sarah, the gist of which means that her organs are on the opposite side to Sarah’s. Thus explaining how she could get shot through the ‘heart’ (I knew it was a shot that should have killed her) and survive. Her heart is on the opposite side of the body to other people.

Like I said, I’m not a medical person by any stretch. Just seems a little too convenient, that’s all.

In other Helena news, her old ‘master’ (not sure what else to call him), Tomas, is back. Apparently, the Proletheans rescued him from the little cage Sarah left him in last season.

Now to the other big news event of this episode…. Mrs. S is alive, and not only that, she was the one who trashed her place to make it look like a kidnapping, and had Kira legit kidnapped.

That being said, I really like Mrs. S. She has always been on Sarah’s side and she tells Sarah as much when the two meet again this episode. The guy who had Kira left a trail of clothes at the motel where he was holding her, using it to get Sarah alone and put her in the trunk of his vehicle.

That doesn’t mean that Mrs. S’s people are trustworthy, though, and they aren’t. Not at all.

The people that Mrs. S has been working with are people that she has worked with before. She got in contact with them again around the time that Helena started being in Sarah’s life.

It turns out that Mrs. S took Kira to the same house in the middle of nowhere that she took Felix and Sarah when they ‘landed’ all those years ago. Good place to hide a child that is being hunted by religious extremists.

Or it would be, if only the people who were helping weren’t part of the religious extremists themselves.

Mrs. S kills both of them. They get on her bad side at one point, and then she takes care of business.

I am fairly confident that she is on the side of good, though she could be deceiving everybody. Like I said, quite the rabbit hole…

There was also something confirmed this episode that we already knew: Donnie is most definitely Alison’s monitor. We’ll just leave it at that.

Alison sang more this episode. I love this. The whole theatre production subplot is hilarious and I hope it continues for at least a few more episodes.

If there are any theories out there as to what may be happening, post them in the comments below. Based on this episode, I will put forth that Cosima will most likely figure out what the clones’ biology is all about, because she gets her own lab and seemingly full reign to analyze her and her sisters’ biology.

There hasn’t been a more accurate description of a TV season than “Season two is season one on crack.” It certainly has been two episodes in.

I look forward to hearing people’s thoughts on this one.

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