Orphan Black: Like Season One On Crack

Maria Doyle Kennedy said that season 2 was going to be “like season 1 on crack,” and she wasn’t exaggerating.

I don’t even know what to think right now.

To start, we get a clone impersonating a clone–Sarah impersonating Cosima, with Cosima’s permission. Delphine wants to help Cosima figure out what is wrong with her. They are getting samples of Cosima’s blood ready to go to the Dyad for analysis.

Which would be okay if Delphine weren’t a double agent. At least, that’s how I am taking what she did: She takes the sample directly to Leekie for some reason. I’d like to think that if it were simply being analyzed, she would have taken it to the lab and looked over the sample herself.

That brings me to why Sarah is impersonating Cosima to begin with.

Sarah believes–and for good reason–that Rachel and her people have Kira and Mrs. S. She finds out from Cosima, that there is a big VIP event taking place at the Dyad later that evening. That is where Sarah’s impersonation plan comes into play. She knows that Rachel will be there, and she doesn’t want Cosima to be directly involved. At least this way, if Sarah gets caught, Cosima won’t get in trouble.

Part of this plan involves Sarah getting a gun. That’s where Alison comes in. I do love Alison, quite a lot. Between her and Felix, there is a lot of actual brevity that takes place in the episodes.

Because Sarah is still trying to stay ahead of the people that are after her, she enlists a very high Felix to meet up with Alison and get the gun. That actually begs a question: This episode was supposed to take place moments (at a max hours) after Kira went missing. I am pretty sure that Felix was at his apartment or something when Sarah went to Mrs. S’s to find both Kira and Mrs. S missing. I guess what I am asking is: when did Felix go to a club? If anyone knows when he may have left, feel free to post something in the comments.

I’m not sure why Angela and Art are following the clones, but they are. Unfortunately they are watching Alison at the moment that Sarah is coming to the community theatre to pick up the gun that Alison has gotten for her.

That explains the photos and clips of Deangeles arresting Sarah that I’ve seen all over the internet (trust me, I have been following all the updates pertaining to this show as they came out. Such is my love for the show).

I like Art. He helps Sarah, starting with having Deangeles uncuff her and let her go. Not only that, but later in the episode, Sarah makes her way to his apartment because she has nowhere else to go, and he lets her in. It turns out that he has been re-evaluating the Maggie Chen case. He wants to help Sarah find Kira, and he thinks it’s the Proletheans that have her–Helena’s people. Rachel may be on the side of good after all. I don’t even know anymore.

I am beginning to wonder about Rachel. When Sarah infiltrates her office and threatens her with the gun, Rachel says that when her people got to Mrs. S’s house, it was already trashed and Kira and Mrs. S were already gone.

We also see Kira having her hair brushed (rather hard I noticed), by a mysterious guy and then put in front of a video camera. She doesn’t say anything, the scene changes before we know what it was all about.

If I had to make a guess though, I would say that she was being primed for a ransom video. No word yet on the fate of Mrs. S though.

The biggest shock this episode?

Helena is alive.

Let me repeat: Helena… is… alive.

Don’t ask me how. We all saw Sarah shoot her in the stomach in the season one finale. The last images of the episode are of a very weak Helena walking into a hospital begging for help.

I still don’t think she is the killer though. All the evidence from season one leads me to believe that she couldn’t hold and shoot a gun to save her life (remember that Katja was killed with a perfect sniper shot between the eyes).

I do know that waiting for the next episode is going to be the longest week of my life…

I look forward to hearing other people’s theories on this. Post yours below!

I am a huge Marvel Comics fan, particularly X-Men and Spider-Man. Stargate SG-1 fostered my love for Sci-Fi, and I believe firmly that Joss Whedon is a god. I am always up for a good conversation (no matter the subject matter). If you so wish, you can follow me on twitter @rhiannon_cates.

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  • Mase

    I wonder how much learning Helena is alive is going to screw with Sarah. She kills her sister only to find out she kind of didn’t. Maybe we’ll find out more about the super healing abilities Helena and Kira have. (Although coming back from a gunshot in the stomach held together by duct tape kind of eclipses super healing.)

    Also I loved Felix in this episode. The chaps and the interaction with Allison were the best. I can totally see him going to the club once he thinks everything is hunky-dory. Oh Felix.

    I’m willing to give Paul and Delphine a chance (mostly because they’re hot). Delphine could’ve given Leekie something just to throw him off the scent.

  • StephFurlan

    I’m so happy Helena is still alive. I just love the character so much. I totally knew it was her the moment I heard the music, before they even panned to her face. I think I’d have to rewatch season 1 to truly understand the transition in season 2, but overall, I’m happy the show is back. Basically, it’s science versus the church. Like the fish symbol on Helena’s knife, there was the guy with the fish belt. The religious extremists have Kira. Also, I almost lost my faith in Paul, but it seems like he’s trying to help Sarah from within. I’m looking forward to how this all plays out.

  • ElissaS

    Great first ep for the new season! Still not sure how I feel about Helena being alive though. I guess it depends what the writers do with her…