GIVEAWAY & Tutorial: Makeup looks for Uhura and Spock Costumes

My dream of becoming Zoe Saldana is (kind of) coming true. I was given the opportunity to work with Costume Super Center and in the spirit of con season coming up, I’ve created two makeup looks to compliment CSC’s Star Trek costumes.

For those of us less skilled at the textile arts, CSC sells costumes from varying fandoms including Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Addams Family, Lord of the Rings, etc. Keep reading to find out how to enter our latest giveaway—two winners will be picked and will receive a virtual voucher to select any costume up to $75 in value courtesy of Costume Super Center.

I love the Star Trek costumes for cons because they’re so versatile and you won’t sweat out a monsoon at summer cons. Curious how much the Star Trek attire has changed over the years? Check out Costume Super Center’s Guide to Star Trek Uniforms.

The first look I’ll be teaching you is the modern Uhura, to be paired with CSC’s Deluxe Star Trek II costume.


Uhura (circa 2009)


This is a really versatile modern look that may come easy to many of you if you already enjoy winged liner. You will need the following materials:


  • translucent setting powder
  • mascara
  • liquid liner
  • eye and face brushes, brow brush (not pictured)
  • dark colours for contouring
  • light shimmer for highlights
  • Nude or pink lip gloss (not pictured)

Apply your foundation and concealer as you normally would. Fill in your brows using an appropriate colour for your hair. I have sparse black brows so I’m using a dark brown to fill them in.


Apply a soft sweeping of charcoal shadow across your lids.


Then using your liquid liner, outline the shape of your wing. Draw a triangle from the edge of your lash line pointing to the tip of your eyebrow, and softly curve the line above your lash line.


Fill in the liner and apply your mascara. If you would like to add some extra flare, you can apply falsies at this stage.


Get your fishy face ready. Zoe has insane cheekbones and we’re going to try to replicate it. Use your face brush and swish together some dark colours. Sweep the mix of pigments in the hollow part of your cheeks. Do the same to the shimmery light colours you picked and highlight your cheekbone.


Add some subtle lip gloss. And the face is done!


Put your hair in a high ponytail. Take one half-inch thick strand of hair and wrap it around your hair elastic. Bobby pin into place.




Our next look is going to be inspired by the original Spock played by Leonard Nimoy. In my gender-bent version, this look can be paired with CSC’s Classic Adult Blue Dress.


Spock-Inspired Vulcan Woman


This look is a bit more complicated but requires many of the same materials as the Uhura look.


  • foundation and concealer
  • translucent powder
  • brow-filler
  • sky blue shadow
  • mascara
  • liquid liner
  • brow and eyelid brush
  • pink-tinted balm

This time, don’t start out with your foundation. Take a generous amount of concealer and begin “erasing” the arch of your eyebrows. It’s ok if it looks a bit splotchy at first. Take your foundation and blend it in to continue erasing your brows.



Next, you want to extend the brow that you have left. I’m about to tell you to do an incredible makeup no-no. That’s ok, do it for Spock. Take your liquid liner and lightly extend your brows upward diagonally. Blend with your brow filler to make them look more like it’s made of hairs rather than ink.


In The Original Series, Spock often had light blue under his brow, so we’re going to apply some of our own light blue under the brow we’ve created (and on top of your natural, hidden, brow). Be careful to dab, not stroke, so you don’t wipe off your concealer.


Since Vulcans are not very vain creatures, we’re only going to do a thin line of liquid liner and a quick sweeping of mascara. Finish off the look with pink-tinted lip balm to get Spock’s rosy lips.


Now suppress your emotions. No smiling.


Need a new costume for con season? We’ll be selecting two winners and they’ll receive an electronic voucher to redeem any costume up to $75 in value from Costume Super Center. Enter below via our Rafflecopter.

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  • Lindsey

    Awesome tutorials! Whenever I cosplay, I usually skip out on the make-up just because I always forget to consider it, but these Star Trek ones are making me realize how much make-up can truly make a difference! 😀

  • Oh my gosh, these are fabulous tutorials! I hardly use makeup, but the winged liner looks easy enough for me to try. 😀

  • ArwenCanada

    Very cool tutorials! Uhura is a fav character and great female role model!

  • Ann

    the costumes look so amazing!

  • Liza Hein

    That Uhura costume is so great. I got one for Halloween last year! 🙂

  • Courtney

    LOVE the Vulcan make up! I had seen make up before for characters with different eyebrow shapes which had actually suggested shaving off your brow… this is a MUCH better alternative, and looks so great!

  • Lauren

    Love the tutorials! The Spock brows look amazing

  • Trista

    I’d love to see more posts like this! I’m personally not great with makeup, let alone makeup for cosplay or characters, and it’d be awesome to give them a try! (Definitely need to give those Vulcan eyebrows a go)

  • Kimberli Francis

    Not sure I’d be brave enough to rock those Vulcan eyebrows, but steller look

  • Laurie Burns

    Great job, really well done. Vulcan! Awesome eyes.

  • Stella C

    Looks awesome Nikita! The looks seem to be super easy to do, which is good, because I’m awful at applying make up. 🙂

  • arielletje

    These are awesome, Nikita! I def. think you should keep this up.

    LOVE the female Vulcan one. “Now suppress your emotions”. Bwahaha.

  • Ohhh!! Will there be more of these type of posts in the future? I loooove it!!

    • If you like, I can definitely do more makeup looks! Hit me up @nikitonium on twitter or email me with suggestions on what looms you’d like to see in the future 🙂

      • Steena

        I am definitely in favor of this becoming a regular feature in the Style section.

      • Awesome!!

  • Steena

    These are amazing! Well done! I love the Vulcan eyebrows especially. I’m so nervous doing make up that is not just an extension of my own natural features but this looks really easy. Thanks!

    • Super glad you like it Steena! These looks weren’t difficult at all 🙂