4 Must-Have Mobile Games

Until recently, I wouldn’t have classified myself as a mobile gamer. If you looked at my iPhone, you wouldn’t have seen even one game amoung my app collection. I’ve never played Candy Crush, Plants vs. Zombies, or Angry Birds; although, I will fully admit to a brief three minute romp with Flappy Bird.

But because I love games, I never gave up on my search through app stores and charts, and I recently came across a handful that are not only cheap (all under $2.50 or free), but equal parts smart, stunning, and fun to play:

Threes game


By Sirvo LLC

Price: Google Play: $2.21; App Store: $1.99

It all started when 1 in every 25 tweets on my timeline was a screenshot of someone’s high score in Threes. I had no choice but to look into it, and was pleased to find a sweet little puzzle game about numbers – a sort of love child of a sliding puzzle game and Sudoku. What makes Threes stand out from a simple commuter’s game is its whimsical score and sweet illustration style. Have no fear if your least favourite subject was math, the game’s simplicity makes it easy to learn with a surprisingly low frustration level.


Smash Hit

By Mediocre AB

Price: Google Play: Free; App Store: Free

I’m not usually a fan of the runner game, so it’s shocking how much I love Smash Hit. I randomly found it on a top apps chart, gave it a chance with a download, and it’s now a necessary part of my daily commute. Traveling through futuristic tunnels and hallways at varying speeds per level, you tap to throw marbles with the intention of smashing glass objects – certain objects reward you with additional marbles, other objects are just roadblocks you need to get by (if you smash into them, you lose marbles). While the game takes concentration, it’s pretty relaxing. The flawless physics of the gameplay lends to an enjoyable experience, along with its soothing music and the sweet sound of shattering glass.

Ascension: Chronicle of the God Slayer

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

By Playdek

Price: App Store: Free (Not available for Google Play)

I’m new to table-top deck-building games and am easily intimidated by my friends who quickly play through their deck before I can even process what just happened. One such table-top game is Dominion, which I love but just can’t keep up with yet. Enter Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. Surprisingly one of the few mobile games of its kind (at least, as close to Dominion as mobile gets), Ascension plays almost exactly like Dominion. This game has it all: unique and engaging challenges with every play, speedy load times, online multiplayer gameplay (I play with my friends often), beautifully hand-illustrated cards, and an epic score fit for a battle. And for us deck-building beginners, it offers a detailed tutorial, and my favourite: a helpful pop-up reminder if you haven’t made all possible moves per turn. For those who want even more of a challenge, you can find expansion packs, promo packs, and bundles within the app’s built-in store.

movie cat

MovieCat / MovieCat 2

By OtherWise Games


MovieCat – Google Play: $2.03; App Store: $1.99

MovieCat 2 – App Store: $1.99; (Not available for Google Play)

This game mixes two of the greatest loves of my life: film and cats. I first tried the original MovieCat game a year or so ago and loved it. MovieCat 2 has somehow topped it, with all new trivia (over 1,000 new puzzles) and puzzle categories. I can confidently say that this game is a must-have for any film buff, regardless of what genre you’re into. Aside from having fun with every play (more often than not, I’m laughing out loud), I’m constantly blown away at the breadth of film coverage, from genres to years – as recent as films that are just hitting the theater, or about an award show that just took place the month before. One thing is for sure, the writing team for MovieCat and MovieCat 2 have the greatest job ever – not many people can say they illustrated cats into a scene from Star Wars, or had to write a limerick to describe The Lord of the Rings.

 Do you play a lot of games on your phone or tablet? Please share any recommendations in the comments!

Tracy resides in Toronto with her partner-in-crime and their two feline roommates. Outside of her daytime cubicle, you can find her guffawing and crying over TV shows, listening to film/game scores, illustrating, reading, or gaming in her Lady Lair. Ever since she watched her first movie, The Wizard (1989), she has aspired to be a modern-day Haley – bad ass with some sass. She would love to hear from you on twitter at www.twitter.com/TLT_sammich!

  • Ahh, Smash Hit looks fabulous, and I don’t even know why, haha. Ascension also looks way intense — reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh! Might have to make some room on my phone for these apps. 🙂

    • Tracy Tendean

      Awesome! Yeah, Smash Hit actually gets better the more you play. It’s definitely still the biggest game surprise for me this year, would have normally never picked up a game like it (and so glad I did!). Hope you enjoy Ascension as well, if you get to play!

  • ElissaS

    There is definitely something very soothing about the sounds of smashed glass in Smash Hit during the long subway trip home from work 😛

    • Tracy Tendean

      Right? It’s very relaxing post-work specifically 😉