International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club: Happy 1st Birthday!

International Geek Girl Pen Pals ClubWait.. . .You’re a geek girl and you’ve never heard of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club before?

Well, you’re missing out!

The IGGPPC is a group founded by a lovely group of ladies that have now been bringing fellow geeks together for over a year. A love of snail mail and camaraderie is what all of its members – nicknamed iggles or miggles (male iggles) – have in common, along with other specific geek loves that help the overlord moderators to match you up with your ideal pen pal – and did I mention that becoming a member and getting a pen pal are completely free?

I joined the site in April after my girlfriends couldn’t stop obsessing about this awesome new online group that they all joined. I enrolled into Round 3 of pen pal pair-ups, listing my top 5 geek loves as 1) Anime & Manga, 2) Game of Thrones, 3) Reading, 4) Video Games, and 5) Online Roleplaying. I was paired up with the lovely Diana from Los Angeles, California, and the two of us have been great pen pals and awesome friends ever since.

The site is also a lot more than a pen pal matchup service! The site includes a multitude of forums where iggles and miggles alike are free to chat about their favorite fandoms, ask questions or get various bits of geeky advice, and there are also opportunities to participate in meet ups or direct swaps, whether you’re a fan of crafting, jewellery making, various recipes or just like the idea of getting pretty cards in the mail from time to time.

International Geek Girl Pen Pals ClubAs a member of the IGGPPC, I’ve gotten involved in a number of activities. I’m part of the collaborative YouTube channel for the site, and we call ourselves the vlogiggles. We have fun making videos surrounding a different topic for every week, and we welcome any IGGPPC members who are comfortable speaking in front of a camera. I’m also participating in a 365 Photo-A-Day challenge with other IGGPPC members who are interested in photography, who are nicknamed the Iggle Bugs.

All of the members of the site are split into four houses; which house you’re a part of depends on your age. There’s House Granger (13-17), House Quinn (18-24) House GlaDOS (25-29) and House Organa (30+). One of the things I really like about the site is thatit’s not limited to younger members, like a lot of online groups tend to be. The vlogiggles, in particular, have a decent range of ages within our current members, and while this house system helps members to receive a pen pal that is close to them in age, it doesn’t limit the sort of interactions you’ll be having with other geek girls. Plus it makes for some friendly competition when the House Competitions come around!

The site also features a variety of fun extras. They have an official blog called +5 Charisma where members write posts varying from comic reviews to nail art tutorials. There is also a new Achievement feature where members can earn achievements by posting in the forums, writing for the blog and participating in other various activities and groups.

There’s even achievements hidden in links around the site, which makes the IGGPPC a year-long Easter egg hunt – how fun is that?!

International Geek Girl Pen Pals ClubOn top of all the fun features included with being a member of the site, being an iggle has gifted me with something I never expected (especially since it’s their birthday and they should be the ones getting the gifts). By being a member, I was given a sense of purpose. Ever since I joined, and then became a vloggingiggle very shortly afterwards, I became a lot more in touch with my geeky side. Having to pick my top 5 geek loves for my profile made me really look at what sort of things I enjoyed and how I, as a geek, defined myself. I was opened up to even more fandoms, and I joined Twitter and met even more members that way, and since then I’ve met amazing people and been given a whole whack of opportunities that I never would have imagined possible – writing for Paper Droids is definitely one of them 🙂

So if you’re looking for an all-geek-girl book club to join, or if you’re feeling nostalgic for the days that you received more letters than emails, you’ll find somebody with similar interests to exchange snail mail with in no time! Round 11 is OPEN, so sign up for a pen pal now!

Kacie is a Canadian geek girl who splits her time between being an English & Writing student, working at a bookstore, vlogging, reading, playing video games, online role playing and all kinds of other fun writing. She hopes to one day be an editor at a publishing house and eventually a novelist. Kacie also hopes that her claim to fame will be more than owning 300+ volumes of manga.