This Bra Will Only Unhook for “True Love”

Ravijour true love tester

Still not sure what to get for that special someone for Valentine’s Day? Well, Japanese lingerie chain Ravijour wants to put the true love back into your love life with their “True Love Tester”, a bra that supposedly only unhooks if the wearer feels true love. Let’s watch the video, and try not to giggle at the closing shot.

Here’s how it works: the bra has a sensor in it that reads the wearer’s heart rate and sends it to an app on your smartphone with Bluetooth. Supposedly, the scientific wizards at Ravijour have cracked the exact signature heart rate of a woman in love, and the bra can detect that. When the  moment is right, poof goes the bra! There are, obviously, a few problems with this. It’s pretty unlikely that the bra’s sensors can really tell the different between the heart rate of a woman who walked up some stairs in the subway and a woman who’s “in love”. I also don’t really buy that there’s a huge different between a “love” heart rate and a horny one. Plus, how do you take the bra off yourself? Is there an unlocking button in the app? That sounds like a pain.

Luckily (or unluckily, if you’re super into this idea), the True Love Tester bra seems to be more of a promotional item than something that will be available mass market. The only way to get it is to be entered automatically in a contest for it by spending at least 5,000 yen (which is about $50 USD) at Ravijour on undies that are probably a lot more practical. (Their regular bras are pretty cute.)

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  • Fortress Geek

    Even if it did work, could you imagine going out for dinner wearing this? Every 20 seconds, reaching in to rehook yourself seems a bit of a pain no?

    • MeganPatterson

      Hahaha, I’m pretty sure I fall in love with really good food, so this would be a huge problem!

      • Fortress Geek

        Mmm… curry laksa.