Anti-Valentine’s Day: Can we do something else?

Anti-Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day can be a tough time of year for people. Maybe you’re single, maybe your significant other doesn’t live near you, or maybe you’re just tired of the commercialization of everything under the sun and want a break from it all. Regardless of your situation, here are some ways to enjoy February the 14th that don’t involve dinner reservations, flowers or sappy songs.

Light Up the Night
One fun way to enjoy the evening without fighting the crowds and expensive dinner menus is to have a bonfire night with your friends. Who doesn’t love the warmth of an epic fire blazing in the night, toasting marshmallows or grilling under the open sky? If you have some things you need to get off your chest or photos of your ex that are taking up space in a drawer somewhere, it’s a great time to have a Burn the Bridges party. Write all the things you need to release or simply bring all of the old photos and toss them on the flames, then enjoy the catharsis as the old drifts away in smoke.

Heart Pounding Horror
Need something completely different? Ditch the romantic comedies in the theater and try a horror movie night at home instead. Make it a group event and host a horror-themed dinner party. If you want your meal to fit the theme, there are any number of Halloween foods and drinks you can serve to your guests, or keep it simple with pizza or a potluck. You can even go with an ironic theme for your movies and try Valentine or My Bloody Valentine. You can also check out this list of 50 Creepy Movies from Den of Geek for more ideas.

Love Your d20
Friday night is a great time to pull out your Player’s Handbook and roll some dice. Even if you have a “usual” gaming group, try inviting some new folks for a one-off adventure where it doesn’t matter what the characters do in the end as long as everyone has fun. It’s a great way to introduce new players to the fun of tabletop gaming. Don’t have a big group? That’s okay! Here are some tips for two-person (single-PC) campaigns.

Spread Puppy Love
Want to spread love but avoid the sappy sap? Try volunteering at a local animal shelter or other non-profit in your area. Many require longer-term commitments, so check with your local shelter for details. Nothing says love like snuggly puppies and kittens in your lap, and it’s sure to make your heart melt while their lives are enriched.

Birthday Bash
There are dozens of famous people born on February fourteenth, so bake a cake and make it a birthday party! Choose from musicians and artists, actors and mathematicians, scientists and athletes. Make it a cosplay event and dress like your person of choice, or create an entire theme around them. Simon Pegg Party anyone?

If you are so inclined, etsy has a huge selection of anti-valentine’s day cards ( ) for your viewing pleasure. Of course you can always find a local Anti-Valentine’s Party to attend or host one yourself. Got any other suggestions for ways to dodge the mush? Leave them in the comments! And don’t forget that February 15 is Half-Price Chocolate Day. I like the coconut ones myself.

Joanna lives in Southern California with her husband, two cats, and extensive book collection. She spends her time alternately between various creative artistic pursuits and has a passion for conservation and wildlife. She still hasn’t decided what she’s going to be when she grows up, though she suspects it will probably be herself.