Art and Lit News: Books You Can Wear and Diagon Alley Comes to Life

Karri Justina Shea February 3, 2014 0

Concept rendering of Diagon Alley


  • America’s first all-digital public library has opened in Texas.
  • Dark horse and former mental health nurse Nathan Filer has won the Costa Book of the Year award for his novel The Shock of the Fall, detailing a descent into mental illness.
  • Among the weirder news I’ve posted in this column, an eco-terrorist in the States has been given some books to read as part of her five-year prison sentence.
  • Now this is cool: MIT scientists have created a sensory book-reading experience using temperature and lighting to really get you in the mood.
  • Useful for people like me: Huffington Books offers a guide to how to fake your way through nine classic novels you should have read already.
  • Universal Studios has released details about the new Diagon Alley expansion for the Harry Potter theme park and I want to go.

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