Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Magical Place

Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Canadian Sector (Toronto, ON Canada)


January 7th, 2014


Agent Omer’s Log S1/E11

Subject: Nuclear Test Towns Are A Magical Place


Dear Head of Operations,

Do you know what 36 hours without sleep does to you, ma’am? I mean real sleep. The kind where REM–the part where dreaming takes place–happens and the body actually gets some rest. I know that Fitz was a lot more irritable and snapped quite easily but that was mostly because he wanted Agent Coulson back. We all did. Losing someone you care about is like 36 hours without sleep, I guess.

Agent May and Agent Ward came back from a mission that Agent Victoria Hand had sent them. They brought back Vanchat who sells alien tech to the highest bidder. They thought he can find Agent Coulson. I just thought the amount of agents on this plane was getting ridiculously intense. Agent Hand gave a debriefing during which Skye’s fun bracelet locked all the computers down as she tried to access Vanchat’s finances and so Agent Hand kicked her off the plane. Skye used that opportunity to go rogue and find info on Agent Coulson. I was really happy because Agent Hand seemed to care only about Centipede and not “a single agent” which, come on, didn’t she know about what happened in New York? Agent Ward decided to interrogate Vanchat by almost kicking him off the plane in flight which yielded results and Skye called to tell us that the money trail led to a desert. So the team went to the desert while SHIELD went off to shut Centipede down. Fighting ensued and we got Agent Coulson back. Raina was put into custody and Centipede was shutdown so everything worked out.

Skye As Agent May

I’ll add the logistics later, ma’am. I think I’ll get some sleep.

36 hours without sleep makes you see things clearly.

Agent Coulson was screaming, “Please let me die”, while under a dream type machine. A machine that resurfaces buried memories. Agent Coulson says he didn’t see anything but I think he saw how he came back. To life, I mean. It was something so horrible that he would have rather stayed dead…

Mike Peterson is dead and there’s a kid without a father. I think searching for Agent Coulson dampened the time we needed to process that. I felt useless during this mission. I was the one with the responsibility to document everything while doing nothing.

I sometimes wonder if SHIELD is as good a they make themselves believe they are.

Agent Ardo Omer

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