Year in Review: Superhero Films of 2013

As a superhero groupie, it made sense for me to write the Year in Review for 2013’s superhero films, just like it would make sense to have a Canadian judge how effective a particular brand of snow pants would be. Five films are under my scrutiny as I countdown towards what I think was the best costumed-filled movie of the year. I’ve used scientific algorithms and other fancy measuring techniques to come up with the best. It took a painstakingly long time but, in service to you lovely readers, I have found our number one. Okay. Maybe MY number one. Here we go!

5. Man of Steel


Oh last Son of Krypton. We didn’t see eye to eye, did we? There are aspects of the film that I loved (stunning visual effects and bad ass Foara), but the awful writing and trying to fit Superman into a Batman shaped hole made this movie a disappointment. I like my superheroes active in their decisions to help people and not reliant on others to push them in the right direction. Luckily for me, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel fits perfectly into the fifth spot on this list.

4. The Wolverine

I really liked this film, especially after the epic fail that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I particularly liked the slow pacing and the focus on Logan dealing with the events of X-Men: Last Stand. However, it’s not a Wolverine film without violence, and I think there was more than adequate amount without forfeiting the story. I wasn’t all that happy with the ninja scene and aspects of the last 20 minutes were not all that great but, overall, it was a good film. I just wished there was more screen time with Yukio and more scenes with her and Wolverine teaming up. Maybe a spin-off film called Yukio and The Wolverine?

3. Kick-Ass 2


It may surprise some of you that I would have Kick Ass 2 beat out The Wolverine and Man of Steel, but there’s reasons to my apparent madness. It wasn’t all that difficult to favour this film over Man of Steel because I didn’t like MoS, but it became really hard when it came to The Wolverine. They’re very different movies and are great for what they were each setting out to do. If you really enjoyed the first Kick Ass, then you’ll like this one as well. The same level of violence, humour and commentary on what it would be like if superheroes were real but with the added bonus of even more Hit Girl. Hit Girl’s journey was the most interesting part of the film and also allowed for a female superhero’s story that was lacking in every single one of the movies on this list. This might be the closest we’ve had to a female led superhero film because, despite being called Kick Ass, Hit Girl is definitely co-captaining this party.

2. Thor: The Dark World

If you’ve seen Thor: The Dark World then you’ll understand why this is number two on the list. As an overall movie, it was fun, hilarious and just left a smile on your face as you exited the theater with a bag of leftover popcorn. Tom Hiddleston as Loki was brilliant yet again, Frigga was a surprising bad ass and Chris Evans’ Captain America made a cameo. It did have its issues– like not having enough of the warriors three/Sif, a dumbed down Darcy, very limited time on active Jane or a villain that was seriously underdeveloped and overshadowed– I can say that it was a fun ride to be on.

1. Iron Man 3


From what I’ve been hearing, “many people” disliked Iron Man 3 (who are these “many people”?) but, in reality, the film has a 79% from critics and an 80% from general audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. I thought it was AMAZING. I loved Iron Man 3 because it did what ALL of these sequels didn’t or couldn’t quite do, which was offer an alternate point of view at being a superhero. It’s fun to go on great adventures and save people but sometimes you’re affected by these things and the fact that Iron Man 3 took the time to think about the battle of New York and having Tony deal with it was fantastic. It also challenged his idea of who he is outside of the suit which became an extension of himself and, in a way, it got him to forget what truly made Iron Man IRON MAN (the person behind the suit). Add in great humour, amazing twists on the villains, a great performance from Ty Simpkins and Pepper Potts saving Tony, how can this movie NOT be number one?

This, however, is not only my opinion but also on the internet and I’ll never have the last word on this issue. So comment below with your approach to the list and let us know what your number one superhero movie this year was.

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