Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Bridge

 Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Canadian Sector (Toronto, ON Canada)



December 10th, 2013


Agent Omer’s Log S1/E10

Subject: Boom


Dear Head of Operations,

9:40 am


Hello ma’am. Today is a fine morning, don’t you think? There’s nothing like a super soldier prison break to go with your overcooked eggs bennie. At the briefing five minutes ago, we were told that a prison break occurred at the Havenworth Federal Penitentiary by CENTIPEDE’s non-combustible super soldiers. They broke out Edison Po: a former marine who’s an expert in tactics and rapid response. Apparently you guys sent us backup… in the form of the once cuckoo for coco puffs Mike Peterson AKA my first superhuman. You should have seen the look on everyone’s face ma’am. Priceless.



11:00 am

Mike Peterson is on the plane. Everyone is on edge. Agent Ward really needs to work on his talking-behind-people’s-back-without-getting-caught thing for the next time he wants to talk smack about a superhuman.

We’re tasked with finding out things in Po’s life on the inside while we head to Cleveland, Ohio to talk to one of the super soldiers’ sisters. Meanwhile, I’m watching Simmons dribble drool all over the very fit Mike Peterson as he tells our two nerds that their serum/antidote whatchamacallit that Agent Ward used to shot Peterson in the train station was what stabilized him. Cool right? Oh. Oh God. Simmons just said something incredibly awkward. I must go save her now.


12:30 pm

Wow. As soon as you make a Fettuccini Alfredo, the once too-focused-for-food gang appears out of thin air. Sheesh.


1:00 pm

Agent Ward and Agent Coulson went to talk to Laura Hayward at the University of Ohio. Skye found out that 1) Raina AKA The Girl in The Flower Dress went to see Po in prison and 2) there’s a clairvoyant! Might just be a code name or could be a psychic but this got really interesting. Vaguely mentioned individuals excite me.


5:00 pm

Super soldier Hayward has been traced to an abandoned warehouse in Oakland, California and this time Agent Coulson is taking Peterson with him. Mike is now reading this over my shoulder and is asking me to just call him Mike. I giggled like a school girl and I think I said “okay” in the midst of that. Mike also got a cool suit that will monitor his vitals. It’s also cool because it’s black. Black is very in right now in espionage.


5:45 pm

So Mike, Agent Coulson, Agent May and Agent Ward all walked in looking like they got their asses kicked. They did. Mike was stabbed by a sharp metal object and will need to recover. One of the soldiers that was left behind had their head blown by the same eye bomb that Akela Amador had in her eye.


7:00 pm

I just heard a really awkward exchange between Agent Ward and Agent May. Ouch. This is why you don’t get involved with other agents.


7:02 pm

Double ouch. Skye just walked right in after the exchange and Agent May just verbally assaulted her. Funny given that her words was that if Skye couldn’t put away her personal attachments then she shouldn’t be here. Telling that to yourself Agent May? Oh. She also outed that Agent Coulson was keeping something from Skye regarding her parents.


7:30 pm

Agent Coulson is talking to Mike right now about seeing his son, Ace, and deciding whether or not he should remain with S.H.I.E.L.D. as a father.


7:45 pm

Raina kidnapped Ace.


7:50 pm

The deal is Ace for Mike. Agent Coulson says that we will comply and has Simmons place a scent tracker that Fitz can later trace with his machine. No HQ backup. Just us.

9:00 pm

The deal wasn’t for Mike. It was for Agent Coulson. Mike is walking towards us with Ace and is now placing him with Skye. Wait. Mike is running back for Agent Coulson!


9:10 pm


There were two explosions. One occurred when Mike ran back for Agent Coulson and another in the car that Agent Coulson was supposed to be in. Oh God. Wait. There’s a helicopter that appeared from under the bridge. Agent Coulson is in that helicopter. He has to be right? Right?


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