Art & Lit News: Book Bandits, Catching Fire, and How to Be Alone


“The Wind in the Willows” book bench


  • The poem “How to Be Alone” by Halifax poet Tanya Davis that went viral on YouTube has now become an illustrated book.
  • The Globe and Mail offers their guide to the 100 best books of the year.
  • In news that does not surprise me at all, a study shows that young adults prefer printed books to their electronic compatriots.
  • Harry Potter still rules: the Philosopher’s Stone has just been voted the UK’s favourite children’s book.
  • Read the epic tale of a Tennessee library vs. their elusive book bandit and learn that the most coveted library books are those on pregnancy and dream interpretation (what?).
  • In news guaranteed to make you feel worse about yourself this Welsh romance author has just been named one of the world’s most influential teens.
  • For the next ten weeks in London, you can park yourself on one of their Book Benches anytime you need a literary break.
  • Selfie has just been named Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year and linguists around the world weep.
  • This is a significant decision in the world of publishing and copyright: Google Books has won its case for putting fully digitized books online for free.
  • Independent bookshops (yes, they still exist!) are giving their quirky recommendations for Christmas.

jfk-comic-supermanBook to Screen

  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘s box office numbers have apparently been disappointing, despite rave reviews.
  • Maybe I should call this Screen-to-Book: the Ron Burgundy memoir is a thing that really exists.
  • And in a similar vein, Cary Elwes is also writing a memoir, about the filming of The Princess Bride.
  • More screen-to-book: celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with Who’s 50: The 50 Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before You Die.
  • The new 007 novel reportedly features a Bond more like the books than the movies.
  • The dreaded Fifty Shades movie has officially been pushed back to February 2015, among a myriad of other difficulties (ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something?).



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