Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Repairs”

Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Canadian Sector (Toronto, ON Canada)


November 26th, 2013


Agent Omer’s Log S1/E9

Subject: Ghost Man, Telekinesis Please & Team Mard


Dear Head of Operations,

Agent Ward and Agent May sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Actually, it was more like in a hotel room and there was a lot more kissing going on.

So my Agent May and Agent Coulson hook up misunderstanding was exactly that: a misunderstanding. I wasn’t surprised by the other pair up. Agent Ward is surly and Agent May is surly, so it’s a surly match made in heaven. Ah, yes. You don’t care about that ma’am *wink wink*. You care about our most recent mission. Well, let’s get to it.


So we were told that a particle accelerator blew up killing four technicians and leaving the quality control engineer, Hannah Hutchins, alive. She’s a suspected telekinetic, which meant Agent Coulson brought along Agent Ward and Agent May with him to make initial contact, despite Skye’s protests. When we got there, the whole town had gotten a mob together and things went from bad (an empty car driving straight into the crowd) to really bad (an officer pulling his gun on her). That’s when Agent May shot Hannah with the night-night gun. That did not make Skye happy at all.

We brought Hannah onto “the Bus” and locked her in the newly modified cage to prevent her suspected ( though not yet verified) powers from coming out. Agent Coulson and Agent May went in to talk to her, so I decided to check on our lovable nerds and Skye. I walked in on Fitz & Simmons’ telling Skye the story on how Agent May got the name The Calvary, which was clearly exaggerated. Probably some kind of prank they’re pulling on Skye for being new. I headed to the lounge area to take notes of what happened so far when I tripped. It was more like I tripped on an invisible foot who wanted to trip me. Weird.


Skye found out that Tobias Ford filed three safety complaints against Hannah in the past month, despite Hannah thinking he was her friend. Huh. That’s when we heard a loud crash and found Simmons cowering in the corner of the lab while the hologram computer was shattered (Fury is going to be really angry). Then the power went out and the plane started to drop out of the sky (seriously, again???), but Agent May was able to land it safely with the help of Agent Ward. Simmons told us about the ghost man running around the plane, and Agent Coulson dished out orders before we all realized that we had no clue where Fitz was. Agent Ward and Simmons went to find Fitz while Agent Coulson and I went to his office to send a distress signal to HQ (it cut off halfway through. Damn you, 1990s tech). Skye went to the Cage to tell Hannah that she doesn’t have telekinesis and then proceeded to have a spiritual discussion about whether or not God existed.

We heard Agent Ward’s butt getting kicked and Simmons’ screams before getting locked in. Right before that, Agent Coulson enlightened Skye and I on who Agent May used to be before Bahrain (very Skye-like apparently, but less chatty). Mr. Ghost Man (or Dimension-Hopping Man), who looks a lot like Tobias Ford, appeared and then broke our radios before disappearing again. Annoying. Then he reappeared and took Skye hostage in order to get us to release Hannah. Then he disappeared again. Agent Coulson found an old radio watch and contacted Agent Ward, Fitz and Simmons before using it to blow open the door.


Long story short: Agent May convinced Tobias–who loosened the bolts to the particle accelerator to get Hannah’s attention thus blowing it up–to let Hannah go if he really cared about her. He disappeared for good. Agent Coulson told Skye that he wants her to replace him one day and handle the Index, which’ll hopefully be renamed. The mission was a success. It’s true that we may have some expensive damage on the bus, but Hannah is safe and not an uncontrollable telekinetic, and Tobias is no longer in our dimension. A job well done.

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Fitz can really pull off the shaving cream/whipped cream look 🙂


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