Band of the Month: Debs & Errol + Giveaway!


This month, writers across the world are participating in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. So it seems only fitting that our Band of the Month for November be a duo known as Debs & Errol, two geeks who helped in the creation of the NaNoMusical and several NaNoToons.

Besides their contributions to the NaNoWriMo world of masochistic writers, though, Debs & Errol have made their own contributions to the geek world: an EP called CTRL+ALT+DUETS, and a YouTube channel full of geek-themed covers to original songs like Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” and Cindi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”

Debs & Errol hail from Toronto, where they launched their music project through Indiegogo. Their recording and release of CTRL+ALT+DUETS was funded entirely through fans’ donations to the site. Chances are, they were pleased with the product: CTRL+ALT+DUETS is a twofold geek’s scavenger hunt, leaving the listener to figure out what song is being covered and what themes are being used, with references to Star Trek, Commodore 64, and Tetris.

Take, for example, the lyrics to their undead-themed “If I Had A Million Dollars” cover, “If I Were An Undead Crawler”:

If I were an undead crawler
(If I were an undead crawler)
I would break into your house
(I would break through your windows)
If I were an undead crawler
(If I were an undead crawler)
I’d wreck all the furniture in your house
(That you fruitlessly piled up against the door)
If I were an undead crawler
(If I were an undead crawler)
You could run but you wouldn’t get far
(A nice and tasty two-legged meal)
If I were an undead crawler
I’d bite your leg…

 And yet, the duo doesn’t stop there. Their first release ever,  Songs in the Key of Geek, is chock-full of geeky-themed, original music. And as if their NaNoWriMo dedication and geeky chords weren’t enough, they have a web comic!


 To give you a sense of their musical style, Debs & Errol describe their demographic as fans of Jonathan Coulton, Weird Al, and The Doubleclicks.

Giveaway time! Want to win a copy of CTRL+ALT+DUETS? Visit Debs & Errol’s website here for a listen, and then let us know what your favourite song is in the comments below to win!

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Cristina R. Guarino is a New York City born-and-raised freelance writer and lover of all things fantasy. She's written for a number of online and print publications and is a co-founder of the word sprinting-themed blog, The Sprint Shack. You can follow her writing and publishing pursuits, or maybe geek out with her over Pokemon and other such awesome things, on her blog at

  • spartucusjones

    As a Trekkie I got my geek on to Tribbles. That is my fave, even though TIE after Tie was a fun and infectious parody.

  • Kimberli Francis

    My Partner’s a Nerdby far is by favourite…if i had to pick just one.

  • Lily

    I think “TIE after TIE” is super fun and really well-sung.