Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “FZZT”

Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Canadian Sector (Toronto, ON Canada)


November 5th, 2013


Agent Omer’s Log S1/E6

Dear Head of Operations,

While Agent Coulson was doing his physical and Fitz was attempting (and failing) at flirting with Skye, we got a mission. An electric anomaly involving a scout leader. I was a girl scout once. I didn’t last long since the outdoors and I didn’t mix well. There was this one time where I sat in some poison ivy…sorry. You don’t want to hear about that, ma’am.

So we found the scout leader floating in the air before Simmons got close enough to him that he short circuited and fell. Both she and Fitz had no idea what caused it. We brought the body back to the plane where Agent Ward was perfecting his passive aggressiveness as Skye tried to find out what in Adam Cross’ background (the scout leader) could have cause this. Simmons was explaining what had happened to Cross’ body to Agent Coulson, but I decided hang out with Fitz on the other side of the lab. I’m not a fan of dead bodies. There’s a finality to them…and a smell.

We suddenly got an electric static signal not too far from where we were at a barn. By the time Agent Coulson, Agent Ward and Agent May got there, they missed whatever caused Frank Waylaid (the owner of the barn) to float in the air like Cross. However, Skye did find out the connection to both Cross and Waylaid: they were both at New York after the invasion as volunteer firefighters. We headed to the fire house to ask a few questions. That’s when we found Tony Diaz who wasn’t the assailant but a victim of an alien virus that was contracted from the Chitauri helmet they grabbed in New York and decide to clean a few days ago. Clearly, no one thought that owning something that belonged to an alien race was a bad idea. I mean, come on. We have to get shots whenever we go to different countries and we’re still on the same planet…

Sadly, Tony Diaz died but not before he was comforted by Agent Coulson with his story of being dead and describing the other side as “beautiful.” What happened to the helmet? Well, it got to come on the plane with us so we can fly it to the Sandbox: a S.H.I.E.L.D. research facility that specializes in hazardous materials. Simmons went back to the lab to find a cure in case anyone else was infected and called in Agent Coulson to show her discoveries. That’s when it was discovered that Simmons was infected. I thought it was going to be fun jetting off to deal with strange and super powered things but it’s not fun. It’s really scary.


Jemma had 2 hours to find a cure and it felt like time was running out with no results. It wasn’t until Jemma thought that the helmet can offer some kind of solution that got Fitz to get the helmet and go into the lab with her. We watched as Fitz injected the third rat with the new anti-serum and it…floated. Everyone but Fitz and Simmons headed upstairs to figure out what to do next when we heard the cargo hold ramp lowering. Simmons had jumped. Fitz was on the brink of tears heroically attempting to save her before stepping aside and letting Agent Ward go after her since he “seemed more equipped in the situation and it really was about saving Jemma.”


In the end, Jemma was saved. We had to deal with the Moroccan office since Jemma and Agent Ward fell into their waters. It was a pain. Agent Coulson shouted at Jemma with love. So alls well that ends well.

Agent Ardo Omer Signature


P.S.-I was walking by Coulson’s office and heard Agent May tell him to take off his shirt. So…yeah. That happened. I kept on walking…

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