Ottawa Geek Market: Supporting the Geek Community and Helping Local Charities

On a cool and wet October afternoon, Ottawa Geek Market celebrated its second anniversary held on Carleton University’s campus.


The Ottawa Geek Market is a non-profit company keen on bringing awesome geeky shopping experiences to the Ottawa region. It hopes to achieve three goals:

1) to provide local geeky artisans, vendors and shopkeepers with an opportunity to sell their awesome items

2) to celebrate the thriving geeky community in Ottawa in a fun and safe environment

3) to donate as much money as they can to local charities

This year they hope to support Kids Help Phone, Jer’s Vision (Canada’s Youth Diversity Initative), and Distress Centre (Ottawa and Region).


To an experienced geeky expo or con attendee, the atmosphere may seem calm and slow. The room was filled with a low hum rather than the buzz of heavy chatter, but there was still a healthy flow of people visiting the venue.


It’s definitely a refreshing place to be for anyone who’s a little claustrophobic or anyone who would like the time to enjoy what each booth has to offer. I had a few lovely chats with some of the friendly vendors.


There were a variety of booths, everything from comics, nerdy gear, jewellery, Victorian and Steampunk costumes, and games.


Check out my geeky loot:


And because I’m such a huge Assassin’s Creed fan, I had to stop this young lady to get a photo op.


The Geek Market had a few interesting and special exhibitors: Doctor Who Society of Canada, The League Of Super Heroes, The Ontario Ghostbusters, Ottawa Browncoats, Steampunk Ottawa, and Suki Cosplay.

While the Geek Market is still in its infancy, I’m hoping in the future they might consider expanding, doing a bit more to attract visitors to return and bring in new faces. It may be a bit much for attendees to pay an entrance fee and pay for merch in such a small space. I was there for a good two hours but found no reason to stay longer or return for its second day running. Attendees could easily attain exhibitors’ business cards and research them to shop outside of the Geek Market too.

A solution to all this?

It would be cool to have a few more activities: geeky lectures or 101s, a cosplay fashion show, gaming tournaments or stations, etc. Even having special guests would add an extra geeky touch!

It would definitely inspire visitors to stay longer throughout the day as well as return for its final day. And perhaps instead of a flat rate entry fee, something like “pay what you can” donations would be a smarter route to go. It would encourage more young people, especially students who have a low budget, to attend and allow generous folk to give more in support of the charities.


Ottawa Geek Market has a good thing going, supporting the geek community and charities that try to make the world a better place. I look forward to seeing it grow in the years to come.

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  • ElissaS

    I appreciate the fact that you saw a Black Butler picture and thought that it warranted a photograph. 😛

    • StephFurlan

      Actually Ashley took that one, but I thought of you when I saw it. And of course had to add it into my event recap. ;D

      • ElissaS

        One day I will cosplay Ciel. One day. I just need to acquire a tall individual to be Sebastian.