Recaps & Reactions: The Walking Dead Season 4 Premier


October’s an exciting time. The fourth season of The Walking Dead has finally arrived!

If you haven’t watched it yet, get to it. This isn’t a spoiler free recap!

When we return to the gang, they seem pretty comfortable back at the prison. Rick is gardening to some music with no worry about the zombies up against the fence in the background. As he works, he finds a gun in the ground and tosses it in wheelbarrow, which seems like he is trying to go the peaceful route these days.

When we last saw the group, they took in some of the folks from Woodbury and since then they seem to be taking in others during their runs. Rick’s group have gained popularity and Daryl’s the rock star. Life’s pretty sweet right now.

Okay, so here are the highlights.

A bit of foreshadowing

I don’t know about you, but the sick pig made me suspicious. And then it died! There’s another threat, a sickness. Is the virus becoming stronger? Or is there something airborne? What does this mean for the others?

Zombies aren’t pets

The children are naming the walkers, even standing around laughing at them. Carl scolds them, acting much like his father. If you’ve seen any of the trailers, you know the fence is about to break and someone may have been feeding the walkers. My guess. The kids may be the culprits, feeding the walkers like pets.


It’s raining walkers!

A small group lead by Daryl head to the store to pick up some supplies. This scene soon becomes the highlight of the night as the roof begins to collapses and a storm of walkers begin, falling from above. It was instant mayhem! As if that wasn’t bad enough, a whole helicopter falls in too! It made this episode a good start to the season, and I’m hoping for more action to come.


Creepy Clara from the Woods

When she first spoke, I thought she was some crazy walker hybrid that could suddenly talk. But that’s weird, right? She gets weirder though as Rick walks with her to her camp. Clara hopes to join Rick and his group with her husband Eddy.

Once they reached the camp, Clara talks to Eddy. He’s in a bag though and Rick quickly realizes Eddy’s a zombified head. Clara then tries to attack Rick with her knife, claiming she wants to feed Eddy something living. When she doesn’t succeed, she chooses to end her own life and asks Rick not to end it when she turns so she could be with her husband. As she lays dying, she answers Rick’s three important questions:

How many walkers have you killed?

How many people have you killed?


After she’s gone, Rick leaves. I’m left wondering: Is Rick going to regret not killing the woman and Eddy?

Knife Fight Club

Storytime just got serious! Carol uses it as code to teach the children how to protect themselves and to fight against the walkers. Carl, who once thought storytime would be childish, walks in on the session then runs out after he learns what’s really involved. Carol can only hope he won’t snitch on her to his father. I think in a time like this it’s smart to help children learn to defend themselves.

R.I.P Patrick!

Poor Patrick

Patrick requests to leave storytime, explaining he isn’t feeling well. Uh oh. We later see him at the end of show, waking from his sleep and heading to the showers. He leaves a trail of bloody footprints while he’s coughing up a storm. After a quick cool shower, he falls to the floor, dead. Just before the show ends walker Patrick wakes up, leaving us with an uneasy feeling that he’s inside with a bunch of sleeping people. Things are just about to get worse!

What a start to season 4!

What did you think of season four’s premier? What are your predictions?

Fun question: How would answer Rick’s three questions?

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