TV Shows That Really Should Be Cancelled By Now

Everyone has that one show that they spend months mourning over after it’s been cancelled. Firefly, Arrested Development… all shows gone far too soon.

Then there are those shows that stay on the air forever, and if not forever, at least much longer than they deserve. So, without further ado, here’s my list of TV shows returning this fall that shouldn’t be, and some that should have been cancelled long ago…

Survivor (returning September 16)

Okay. I’m sorry, but how many times can a group of overly attractive “regular” people duke it out on an island? Seriously you guys, this show has been on since 2000. It’s time to let it go. The Tribe has spoken.

The Big Bang Theory (returning September 26)

This is coming from someone who used to love The Big Bang Theory.

Seriously, it used to be funny and entertaining, and I’ll even watch reruns of it when it’s on. However, this show got weak not long after season 3. There are only so many times you can make the “Penny is stupid” joke before it gets old and kind of offensive. It improved drastically when Bernadette and Amy became regular characters (seriously, I would much rather watch a show centred around the three leading ladies of the show as opposed to the men), but sadly, it’s gotten repetitive and it’s probably time for it to bow out gracefully.

Supernatural (returning October 15)


I have friends who literally want to murder me whenever I say this but… Supernatural should have ended back in its fifth season when it had intended to. We all love watching the Sam/Dean bromance onscreen, and Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are certainly pleasing to the eyes, but this show has lost the inventiveness and scare factor that it had in its first few seasons. I’m all for “Chasing Demons, Hunting Things, the Family Business” as much as the next person, but I think it’s time to retire.

Two and a Half Men (returning September 26)

I honestly do not understand how this show is still on the air. It’s been on since 2003 and every. Episode. Is. The. Same.

A lot of people say it has improved since Ashton Kutcher took over for Charlie Sheen but, let’s be real: It should have stopped long before Charlie left. The formula of “Charlie sleeps with a woman, sometimes has feelings for said woman, but then breaks up with her while Alan is being a cheapskate and acting uncomfortable around women” can only be used so many times before it just stops being funny altogether… if it ever was funny at all.

The Simpsons (returning September 20)

It actually breaks my heart to type this but, this needs to stop. Most people born in the ’90s love, or at least once loved, The Simpsons. It’s the show that brought animation into the spotlight and proved that it’s worthy of a Primetime spot. They’re about to enter into Season 25, and honestly… I just don’t know anyone who still watches it regularly. It’s not what it used to be, nor does it hold the spot for being the funniest show in Fox’s animation domination lineup. I really would rather see this show come off the air by its own choice, rather than the network cancel it. A show as iconic as this deserves a proper sendoff. It would be a shame to see it fizzle out into obscurity.

Glee (returning September 19)

Coming from a musical theatre geek who, way back in grade 11, pretty much squealed with joy after seeing the pilot for this show, I mean it very sincerely when I say that it needs to end. It’s usually next to impossible to sustain a show when you lose the majority of your main cast, which Glee did after the finale of the third season. Oh, sorry, they all just kind of stuck around even though they were supposed to have graduated. Since then, the plot has been strange, spotty, and mediocre at best. While the passing of Cory Monteith was horrible and tragic, this show really needs to stop. It doesn’t have the energy and enthusiasm that it did in its first season, and it’s time to put it to rest.


Readers, which returning shows do you want to see bow out for good? Let us know in the comments!

A student at Dalhousie University, Kendall is a bookworm who wishes her life was a musical. When she's not drinking tea and daydreaming about England, she can be found curled up with a book or watching old movies. Follow her on Instagram:

  • Kendall Erickson

    It is pretty popular! I think it’s safe to say it’ll be with you for a while! 🙂

  • YES to Two and a Half Men and Survivor!! And yes to Big Bang Theory, as much as i hate to say it.. I used to love this show and you’re right.. it’s a bit over done now..I loved Glee but i even have to admit there were episodes I missed last season or so.. it’s not the same.. 🙁 I’d personally also put 2 Broke Girls on this list.. I can’t believe the number of people who enjoy this incredibly offensive show!

    • Kendall Erickson

      It always sucks when shows you love go on for too long. It just takes away from their greatness. I’ve actually never seen 2 Broke Girls, but I’ve heard mixed things about it.

      • I’ve watched it only twice, and not by choice and was so appalled at the juvenile humour at being crass, the stereotypical casting and antics of different ethnicities (with a REALLY bad accented Jennifer Coolidge) and just really low-brow jokes..

        • Kendall Erickson

          Wow, this is good to know! I was considering watching it, but now I won’t even bother!

  • I totally agree with Glee and Supernatural!

    • Kendall Erickson

      I know eh?! It makes me super sad about Supernatural because I used to love it so much!

      • ME TOOOO!! After the 7th season I couldn’t do it. I love the cast and all but seriously, enough is enough. The plot just seemed messed up and went no where. It was angsty shit after angsty shit. >.>

        • Kendall Erickson

          PREACH! I wish I could bring myself to keep watching it, but I just can’t, and it used to he SO GOOD!!

          • IKR?!! I remember watching episodes after episodes for HOURS on end!

          • Kendall Erickson

            Same! And I remember getting SO freaked out by them! Especially season 1! Loved it!

          • Ardo the O-some

            I agree with ALL of this. I’ve only seen like 4 episodes of S7

          • Ahahahah! I think that was about where I stopped too! I was like “wait, why am I even watching this because I am hardly paying any attention to it.”

          • arielletje

            I didn’t even hold out that long. I was about halfway through S6 and took a step back and was like “Wait… what IS this? And why am I watching it?”

          • I wished I stopped earlier. S6 was realllyyy badd!! Waste of time!

          • Kendall Erickson

            Seriously though!

          • Kendall Erickson

            YUP! Same here!

          • Kendall Erickson

            I didn’t even make it that far, I couldn’t haha!

          • Ohhhh yess!! I always just peeked through my fingers when watching! Season 1 had less drama and more monster hunting! Ohhh the good ol’ days.

          • Kendall Erickson

            Sigh 🙁 I hear ya! And now they seem so far away.