Webcomic Review: Oh Joy Sex Toy

DISCLAIMER: This article reviews a webcomic that is definitely NSFW. Read at your own risk.

(c) Erika Moen, Oh Joy Sex Toy, 2011-2013

Remember being 15 and feeling like you couldn’t talk about sex, not knowing how to masturbate, and being too scared to look at your cooch or weenie or whatever name you had for your “privates?”

Ugh, and remember your first humiliating trip to the sex store, buying the cheapest, crappiest vibrator, and not even having an orgasm when using it, in quick spurts in your bedroom, your body tensed up in fear of your mom hearing it? If only someone was there to tell you, straight up, maybe with some jokes and pictures, all about vibrators and lubes and other sex stuff, so you can know that sex isn’t bad, so you can find out about the best lubes, so you can learn about body acceptance before you’ve already hated yourself to the bone.

Luckily, this person does exist, and sex-positive talk for ladies (and gents) by ladies (and gents) is happening—in the most nonchalant of ways: through comics.

Erika Moen is a queer cartoonist from Portland, Oregon, who, after being in comics for 15 years, has started a sexy new project for those who love comics (and possibly for those who hate to read reviews) and those who love sex toys. Oh Joy Sex Toy is the brainchild of Moen’s longtime love for sex toys (and “anything else related to bodies, sex, sexuality, and the sex industry”) and cartooning, a friend’s clever title for the comic, and her “devastatingly handsome,” web-savvy husband.

(c) Erika Moen, Oh Joy Sex Toy, 2011-2013

Oh Joy Sex Toy is a comfortable place for any and all to go to. With fun, great drawings and a clever, unique voice, Moen takes the reader into a place where sex toys are revered. She’s funny, frank, and honest in her reviews, and tells you, the readers (her “dear perverts”), her opinions and the details. Did you want to buy a Hitachi Magic Wand (now the “Magic Wand Original”)? First she’ll tell you its stats, and then all about why it’s her favourite toy— and why it just might be yours, too. Moen lays out the facts about toys and lube right next to the things she loves about them, along with some drawings of the toys, making her reviews truly personal—not like the cheap, sponsored ones you might usually read on some review sites. There’s never too much to read—she’ll tell you just enough about the product, but in true comic form, Moen lets the art do most of the talking. She’ll also throw in her favourite ways of using the toys, plus some tips and tricks; but be ready—she’s not shy (“stick a finger in your butt!”), with neither her words nor her pictures.

In Erikaland, we’re all sex-loving, curious perverts, and her pink-haired comic self greets us happily at the beginning of each of her webcomics (updated Tuesdays) with a cheerful “Hello, perverts!” as she then slides down a drawn river of lube and begins to tell us why that brand is the best.

(c) Erika Moen, Oh Joy Sex Toy, 2011-2013

For those who know some things about sex toys already, Oh Joy Sex Toy is a great new platform for reading fun reviews. With an illustrated team of toy demonstrators (“the Masturbateers”) depicting “the business” and her penis-having husband trying the toys that she can’t, Moen creates a dynamic web space for newcomers and sex toy veterans alike.

Stop by—you might learn something new and you’ll definitely see something fun.

PS: Moen encourages readers to send her ideas of toys they’d like reviewed, and this is my open ask: I’ll be sitting by patiently waiting for the comic review of the Jimmyjane FORM 2.

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  • Wow, this is really innovative! Just more proof of how Internet and art mediums can help enrich and educate us. I’m definitely checking it out.

    • arielletje

      Right? I love the art, too; it’s so funky and fun.