April Showers: Movies That Made Us Cry

April showers… bring May flowers.

Or so I’m hoping, with the bizarre weather we’ve been having lately here in Canada. But while it’s cold, rainy and—gasp—snowy outside, the best thing to do is to settle in for some good movies.

When the idea was proposed to write about movies that made us cry, I jumped at the chance to cover this topic, and not because there are so many that have but because there are so very few! I joke that I’ve got a cold heart when it comes to movies/TV shows that are supposed to evoke tears, but there have been a few that have gotten me misty-eyed.

The Notebook

This is the only movie in this list that has made me full-out bawl and sob. Maybe it was my mindset at the time and I didn’t have intentions or expectations going into it that it was meant to be a tearjerker. Maybe it’s because I am so unfamiliar with such strong emotions during a movie that I even remember the exact moment when the floodgates were let loose: it was their fight by the car, where they shove each other around. From that point (which I think was probably only 30 minutes or less into the movie) until the very end of that two-hour film, my friend and I were a mess. Truth be told, it left me pretty depressed and upset for a while even after leaving the theatre.

Swing Kindsswingkids

Starring a young Robert Sean Leonard and Christian Bale, this 1993 movie set in Nazi Germany was a film we watched during high school music class. It introduced us to that era of life, of dance and of music and it really got me interested in swing. While I didn’t bawl like I did with The Notebook, one particular scene still stands out in my mind that got my eyes prickling — a kid yelling into the distance “Swing heil!” While some have chuckled at the melodramatic moment, I embraced the idea the movie was trying to get across.

Simon Birch

Another movie that I had watched during high school, Simon Birch is based on the John Irving novel A Prayer for Owen Meany. I adored this book when I read it in English class and the movie definitely tugged at my (cold) heart strings as well. To be honest, I don’t remember too much about the movie and really what point it was that made me teary-eyed but it’s a fantastic book and I really enjoyed the movie.

Not movies, but for TV shows, I seem to get a sappy with the weddings. Maybe because they’re between characters that I’ve watched every week but The Office’s Jim & Pam wedding and Friends’ Phoebe & Mike ones come to mind. The endearingly sweet moments coupled with the love and joy that those actors bring to their characters really translates on the small screen.


Besides the first one, my other choices are probably pretty unconventional. Which movies (or shows) have made you cry?

As a theatre school grad, Michele has always been interested in the Arts & Entertainment world. When she's not mostly-book blogging at Just a Lil' Lost or consuming too many Starbucks caramel macchiatos at her day job in marketing, she lets her pop culture/TV-junkie side loose, geeking out to Lost and Harry Potter, to name a few.

  • arielletje

    The first 15 minutes of “UP”. Basically every 20 minutes during “Brave”, especially the end… same with “The Fox and the Hound”.

    I cried during “300”, but that doesn’t count because those were TEARS OF RAGE.

  • The Green Mile. Michael Clarke Duncan reduces me to a sobbing mess every. single. time. And Titanic, but not for Rose and Jack. When the string quartet breaks up to go their separate ways but the one guy starts playing again, and then the other three come back to join him! Ugh, just kills me.

    • GAH!! Great call about Titanic! I think I felt more teary about it when i watched the 3D version last year than when I originally saw it in ’97…

  • Swing Kids is one of mine too! And Mao’s Last Dancer… Edward Scissorhands, Dragonheart, Brokeback Mountain, Dumbo (oh dear god Dumbo), Toy Story 3, Pay it Forward, Harry Potter DH 1 (Dobby omg), Shine, Letters from Juliet (sigh, yes, really, when the divine Vanessa Redgrave is brushing out Amanda Seyfried’s hair)….I’m terrible for crying at movies. Oh! Muppets! During Kermit’s “Was there more I Could Have Said” and the final “Rainbow Connection”….

    • Steena

      Oh gosh, the Muppets, yes!

    • Ooh yeah!! I forgot to include Toy Story 3!!!!

  • ElissaS

    Bright Star. Just… just Bright Star. I realize I fangirled about this already, but I’m pretty sure that movie ripped out my soul and did a little dance on it. I was sobbing by the end of it.

  • Steena

    Oh geez. I would not call myself a crier but there are a few that get me EVERY time.

    A League of Their Own, when the sisters are parting ways at the end of the film. And I don’t even have sisters.

    Life is Beautiful because how can you not?!

    And pretty much any moment in any of the Chronicles of Narnia films. Those books were such a huge part of my childhood that seeing them come alive on screen is hugely impactful for me. I can’t even listen to Regina Spektor’s “The Call” or listen to the soundtrack without tearing up.