MOVIE CLUB: Night of the Living Dead

night-of-the-living-deadIn a movie mood? Missing the zombie mayhem from The Walking Dead? Or just want to do something fun with your IRL and online friends? Paper Droids presents its very first movie club pick: Night of the Living Dead.

Hailed by many as one of the greatest and most influential zombie films of all time, Night of the Living Dead is the movie that made George A. Romero a household name for horror fans. In NotLD, as the dead begin to rise out of the ground, a small group of survivors seeks refuge in an old farmhouse. They struggle to stay alive and uninfected as the dead try to pry their way inside.


Our friends Cinefilles invited us to co-host with them during their movie club discussion.

Join @Cinefilles & @PaperDroids on Twitter on Wednesday, April 24 at 7 pm to chat about Night of the Living Dead! (More details coming soon!)

Want a movie buddy to get ready for the chat? No problem!

Grab some popcorn, get comfy, and watch the movie with @PaperDroids this Saturday, April 20 at 8 pm, using #PDlive.

If you don’t own Night of the Living Dead (1968), find a friend who does or it’s easy to find on YouTube.

Running Time: 1:35:52

Leave a comment below with your Twitter handle if you’d like @PaperDroids to send you a reminder about our movie night this Saturday!

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  • Oh man, I’ll have to miss this one–but I love the idea! I hope you guys will do this again soon.

    • StephFurlan

      If this one goes well, it may be a possibility!

  • I own a copy so I will be there!

    • StephFurlan

      Yay! I’ll see you tomorrow. ;D