Geek Girl Pen Pals: Reviving the Art of Letter Writing (and Propelling Geekery)

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Nothing is more personal or intimate than a handwritten letter. While the ring of “You’ve got mail” defined a generation, a letter in a mailbox defined centuries of communication. For those of us who love receiving letters and making new friends, Leslie and Emily from Geek Girl Pen Pals has it down to a science.

“We are reviving the lost art of letter writing and we want you to join us!” they write on “We want ladies who love to write & send letters (and maybe the odd wee gift), who love all things geek, and want to share that love.”

Founded and launched on March 19th, 2013, Geek Girl Pen Pals is exactly as it sounds: two people writing letters to each other to fangirl over all things geek. By filling out a form, Leslie and Emily will match pen pals together based on age and interests. Addresses are then swapped, writing begins, and fangirling commences. (Who doesn’t love Jon Snow or Tuxedo Mask?)

Leslie and Emily even provides suggestions: “… why just write? Why not add a little Doctor Who decoupage, throw on some Pokémon stickers or do a little Star Wars doodle. Or better yet, send some local candy, because candy! The list of things you could do is endless, have fun with it and create something wondrous!”

Because of its popularity, the pairing of pen pals is in its third round beginning April 15, 2013. To keep abreast with the goings-on, check on a regular basis to sign up for this unique opportunity. More importantly, get sorted to a House (just like Harry Potter — almost!) as that is how Geek Girl Pen Pals begins to pair pen pals together.

For more information, you should contact Leslie and Emily at:

Happy writing!

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