The Walking Dead: “The Killer Within, Part 2”

Hello Walking Dead fans!

We’re only a few episodes away from the season finale.

On Sunday night, Twitter was lit up with #PrayforAndrea. Some people called it #PreyforAndrea. I’m not sure if it was a running joke ‘cause, you know, zombies vs. humans, or if people are generally illiterate over the internet.

Anyway, I think most of you know where I stand on Andrea in general…

Let the recap begin, and as a regular courtesy, here’s your SPOILER ALERT.

We start off with a flashback of Andrea and Michonne sitting by the fire as their zombie companions grow restless while tied up around a tree. Andrea tries to make conversation, asking about the zombies, but Michonne says nothing and nearly sheds tears, which provides a hint for Andrea that she has a personal connection with them.

Before the show’s intro begins, we watch as the Governor tests the sturdiness of the chains in some unknown location. I can only suspect that he is preparing for torturing Michonne and hoping to finally get revenge for his daughter’s “death.”

Milton seems to be Andrea’s only friend left. He shows what the Governor has planned for Michonne, telling her to go warn everyone at the prison.


I don’t know about you, but I know anxiety was coursing through my veins when Andrea and Milton watched the Governor from the screened window. I half-expected him to glance up at Andrea. I got giddy when Andrea pointed the gun at the twisted, manipulative villain, but then internally groaned when Milton drew back her gun.

Andrea ends up escaping Woodbury. Soon after, she is forced to hide in the woods when some of the “soldiers” from the town drive by. She has her back against a tree, and I totally anticipated a zombie would come up behind her.

And guess what? It did!

But guess who still jumped and nearly had a heart attack anyway? This lady. I did and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m not one for horror and part of me doesn’t understand why I still torture myself watching this, but I’m hooked on it as much as a child is hooked on phonics.

And things get crazy as two more zombies approach her. I have to say I was kind of impressed with how Andrea handled herself. She has come a long way, yet I still don’t like her.

Zero in on the troupe from Woodbury. The newcomers get a little insight into the new crowd they’re hanging out with, realizing they’re bringing “Biters” to the prison. A scuffle happens, nearly sending one man into the pit of “biters” and testing the other on what kind of man he is. They play it cool. Nothing happens.

Back to Andrea. She sees a car pass as she is crossing the fields, ducking to make sure no one sees her. Unfortunately, the car heads straight for her and it turns out the Governor is in the car! He’s gone completely psycho!

That brings us to the warehouse. The Governor takes creepy to a whole new level. Sometimes, it’s the characters who act more like monsters than the actual zombies. And it is evident in this screen when he hunts down Andrea. He breaks glass to try and hear her footsteps when it crunches under her feet. He whistles and drags his shovel on the floor while she cowers.

Eventually, she heads off down a corridor, opening a door that leads to a stairwell full of zombies. Andrea is crafty enough to open it as the Governor steps towards her and he has to fight off the horde himself while she makes a run for it. Putting up this much fight, resolve, and finally leaving the Governor behind, I couldn’t help but have an appreciation for Andrea. It becomes bittersweet when she comes to the edge of the prison, only to be tackled down by the Governor.

There’s a scene where someone pours gasoline over the zombie horde Woodbury had collected. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the newcomers, yet was pleased the moment I learned it was actually Milton!

The ending of this episode reveals that Andrea is tied up in the very torture room the Governor had set up from the start of the episode. It seems Andrea will die another day. When will that be? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts about this week’s episode? Has Andrea proven herself?

Share any predictions you may have for future episodes in the comments below.

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