The Walking Dead: “Clear: Part 1” & “Pale Horse”

Hello Walking Dead fans!

After a quick, mindful SPOILER alert, here’s a recap of what happened last week.

The previous episode entitled: “Clear: Part 1” only had Rick, Carl, and the badass Michonne. They ventured into town, a few blocks down from Rick and Carl’s home, in order to collect ammo and prepare for the Governor’s next attack.

A quick shout-out to Vanessa and Megan who left comments on the last recap I did. I think we’re all ready for Andrea to just die already, and also I think more Michonne scenes are necessary, which we got in last week’s episode.

Interestingly enough, the trio walked by a street that had all sorts of traps, making it difficult for zombies to pass through. They also got shot upon by a heavily armed man. It turns out that it was the man Rick met and gave the second walkie-talkie to back in Season 1. He’s still alive! Though he has gone all sorts of crazy. I think it gave the audience and Rick some insight into what kind of man he could have turned into if he let the crazy get to him too. By the end of the episode, Rick retrieved more guns and ammo, Michonne and Carl collected a crib for the baby and an old picture of the Grimes family, and Carl declared to Rick that Michonne was totally a member of the group now.

Now, let’s get onto this week’s episode: “Pale Horse.”


Just in the introductory scene, things get interesting when Rick walks into a barn in a seemingly secluded area and the Governor steps out of the shadows, hoping to talk to him. Soon after, the Governor puts down his weapons in a show of good faith while Rick does not. However, the sneaky Gov has a gun taped to the side of the table where he sits.

Eventually, Andrea appears and tries to be the voice of reason, but she gets pushed aside and told to leave them. She’s such a pushover character. I think we’re all just getting tired of her.

The Governor brings up the possibility that the baby might have been his partner, Shane’s. It’s something that no one said out loud, but finally someone does. It’s a low blow, but I guess that’s what a villain is supposed to do, right?The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13- Arrow on the Doorpost

By the end of the conversation, the Governor says he only wants one thing: Michonne. He gives Rick two days to make up his mind. Back at the prison, Rick doesn’t mention the deal, but struggles about giving Michonne up for the safety of the group. And I guess we’ll find out next week how it pans out. Could you sacrifice the lives of your loved ones for an acquaintance?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Should Rick make the deal?

Share any predictions you may have for future episodes in the comments below.

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  • I actually really enjoyed both “Clear” and “Pale Horse”. It was like they heard me, Steph! Hahaha. Cause I finally got to see more of Michonne, and the part where she walks out with the picture and a sculpture for herself (because it’s just too pretty to be left behind!) was such a wonderful addition to who she is. It’s always awesome getting glimpses into what the person was like pre-walkers.

    In “Pale Horse”, I too kept anticipating something bad to happen! It’s about time Andrea woke up a little bit, but honestly, I really do wish she hadn’t gone back with the governor. The episode did make me like Rick more!…. at least, up until he admits to Hershel that he’s planning on giving Michonne up. I thought he was smart enough to see through the Governor’s crap (which it seemed like he was when he spoke to the group). It’s disappointing, but Rick has always put the interest of his group above all others. It’s just sad that he’s choosing to cling to the hope that maybe, just maybe, giving up Michonne can save the rest of them. I think he realizes it’s a long shot, but it’s all he’s got, you know?

  • Ugh, I was so bored with this one. I don’t care about this conflict at all. And it really pisses me off that Rick isn’t even telling Michonne what the Governor wants, and instead is being all paternalistic and shit. This whole “war” is just a glorified pissing contest as far as I’m concerned. I am pretty close to done with this show.

    • StephFurlan

      LOL. Yeah… I didn’t understand why Rick just doesn’t tell Michonne. She’s a grown woman, who can make choices for herself. Plus, if he tells the group, he might even get helpful feedback.

  • tortietabbie

    This last episode freaked me out a lot. The whole time it seemed like it was building toward something horrible. I kept waiting for Maggie or Glen to get shot or attacked, or for Merle to start shooting, or for the Governor’s people to ambush – the anticipation was too much! I guess they’re going to save that big blow-up for the finale, but yikes…not sure if I can take it in the meantime.

    I do like how Michonne seems to be loosening up and relaxing around the other members of the group. Watching her and Carl together was the high point of Clear, though I cannot stomach any more of these “Rick feels emotions” episodes. The mirroring of the two groups during the meeting was nicely done – the muscle, the smart peaceful guys, the angry leaders – complete with Andrea, who has no place.

    Still want Rick to die in a fire, and Andrea can join him. I mean, seriously – who is stupid enough to believe the bad guy will stick to his offered terms? Rick, apparently. Rick, who was a cop, and I just cannot buy for a second that he’s never been lied to by a criminal before. Being a police officer means you’ve basically chosen to be lied to as a profession! He should have an excellent b.s. meter and instead he’s a naive sap. Andrea needs to grow up and make a decision, enough is enough.

    • StephFurlan

      I think the whole thing about The Walking Dead is if you anticipate something is going to happen, it may not. Just nothing is happening.

      The last episode “I Ain’t A Judas” was kinda lively by the end of it when The governor and his gang fired upon them and released walkers.

      Sometimes, I feel like the show is making up drama for the sake of the show rather than for the story.

      ALSO, here’s what I thought might have happened… The Governor mentioned Rick’s “daughter” then mentioned he wanted one thing only. I thought the Governor was going to ask for the baby to make up for the death of his own.

      But no. I guess he wants revenge for his eye….