The Walking Dead: “I Ain’t A Judas”

walking-dead-michael-rooker-merle-dixon-i-aint-a-judas-season-3-amcThis time around, The Walking Dead still seems slow with only a few surprises along the way. Here’s hoping it gets a little more interesting and more fast-paced sooner rather than later.

As usual, if you haven’t seen the latest episode yet, here’s fair warning that spoilers are ahead.

At the start of the episode, Merle warns Rick’s group that the Governor has only begun tormenting them. The horde of walkers on the prison’s front lawn was just the start of it. They either have to think about leaving the prison or start preparing for a war.

Rick is still out of sorts and Hershel gives him a pep talk to knock some sense into him, wanting him to come back to them as their fierce leader. It seems that it did some good because Rick takes a moment to himself to reflect. Eventually, his son meets him outside, wanting to talk to him as long as he promises not to get mad. Carl suggests to Rick that he step down as leader, and let Hershel and Daryl take on responsibility of the group while he takes some time to rest. But really, would he ever give up that power?

And then there’s Andrea. This episode she finds out that the Governor attacked Rick and his group at the prison.


Ahh! Don’t look directly at it!

Of course, the Governor is lying to you Andrea. He’s messed up in the head. He kept zombie heads in jars and kept his zombie daughter around too. It was a sign. You, my dear, have poor taste in men. You might want to start rethinking your life choices.

Back at the prison, Hershel and Merle sort of bond over the fact that they have missing limbs. Maybe a little morbid, but it’s all about survival, right?

This scene is very telling of the type of men they are. Hershel isn’t too quick to judge Merle. He actually takes the time to try to understand him. He cites a part of the Bible and Merle ends up finishing the verse. He also mentions that Woodbury had a decent library and it is one of the things he misses. Like most of the audience and the characters of the show, we probably only have seen a cruel and simple-minded fellow, yet maybe we all have to consider that Merle is smarter than he looks.

walking dead 25feb13 02

She learned a thing or two from Michonne.

Milton, the very loyal science nerd to the Governor, totally blabs about Andrea’s plan to head to the prison. This guy is such a wimp and he clearly can’t keep a secret! I’m so sick of this man. Regardless, the Governor gives him permission to help Andrea get to the prison. She gets what she wants, but she isn’t exactly welcomed back into Rick’s group with open arms.

Andrea gets caught up on what happened after she was left behind at Hershel’s farm. Shane is gone. Lori is gone. T-dog is gone. And Hershel lost his leg. She is reunited with Michonne and they have a little heart to heart too.

I really wish there were more Michonne scenes because she’s such an awesome, strong female character. Andrea is upset with her, but Michonne explains that the only way she knew how to break the Governor’s spell over Andrea was to show her the harsh reality of the type of man he was.  Wow Andrea, can’t you see how much your friends care about you?

When Andrea decides to leave the prison, Rick gives her a car so she can head back to Woodbury.

Did you notice the parallel?

The Governor has nearly everything in Woodbury but told Andrea he had nothing to spare, meanwhile Rick and his group barely have anything but still offer Andrea what she needs.

When she returns, she almost follows Carol’s advice and tries to get close to the Governor again in hopes of cutting his throat when he sleeps. Unfortunately, she is still so blinded by her belief that he loves her that she doesn’t go through with killing him. That was probably the only moment she had to do the deed and she blew it! And now everyone must face the consequences.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
Are things moving too slowly for you? Are you sick of any characters?

Share any predictions you may have for the future episodes in the comments below.

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  • I’m looking forward to Andrea dying. She’s such a frustrating character!

    And I’m with you on Michonne! I want MORE of her! More dialogue, more scenes, just more more more.

    And oh man, that scene with Merle and Hershel. Not that much is said, but suddenly Merle has another dimension to him. I still don’t like him, but I feel like he’s becoming a much more complex and interesting character.